There are two things that can make or break whether or not your blog post is going to be read – quality of the post and the title itself. Between the two, quality is more important in getting people to continue to read your posts, to share it, and to possibly even subscribe to your blog, but when it comes to visibility, the title is much more important.

The reason is simple. We get hooked into something or we don’t. With so many options available for us to consume media, there’s no way we could read everything that we want to read. Time is precious. How we spend it is often dictated by what catches our attention. For this reason, the title is so very important.

Here’s an infographic by Boot Camp Digital that breaks down ten winners in the title arena.

Blog Post Titles Infographic


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  1. Hi JD,

    Lessons work well.

    We want to learn.

    Teach us.

    You will never lack for blog readers.


  2. I agree with you, JD, having an attention-catching title is very important. It is where the readers depend if they’re going to check out the post or not.

    I remember checking out a post before because the title was very catchy. If I’m not mistaken, the title was “I know YOUR dirty little secrets.” It was not really about “MY dirty little secrets.” The blogger wanted to point out that using a blog title that is pointing about your audience is very effective. Yes, about the audience, not the writer. I mean, I’m pretty sure they’re interested about us, what we did last night, or what we had for breakfast. People are interested about themselves. So I definitely agree with his idea. I guess, that’s what I can add in your post: A BLOG TITLE ABOUT YOUR AUDIENCE.

    Anyway, nice infographic, JD! Interesting and informative post in a nut shell.

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