Blake Shelton

Country-music star Blake Shelton is famous for his love of fans, but when a select few took part of a speed-sketch competition to win tickets for a concert by the chart-topping judge of ABC’s The Voice, they never expected that they’d be taking part in the contest with Shelton himself.

The contest took place at the CMA Fan Festival as part of of Pepsi’s “Iconic Summer” program. As part of the program, fans save bottlecaps from Pepsi products and enter in to win special prizes tailored for music and sports fans alike. In addition to a chance to see Beyonce in concert from the backstage during her Mrs. Carter World Tour, customers can also win a trip to the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in Florida, the iHeart Radio Music Fest in Las Vegas, and the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in Florida. For those that would rather watch a sports game than see a concert, consumers can meet NASCAR stars like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Jeff Gordon.

Blake Shelton Surprises Fans at Pepsi's Iconic Summer EventBlake Shelton Surprises Fans at the CMA Fan Fest

“This summer, Pepsi will invite consumers to make the most of the season,” said Angelique Krembs, Vice President, Marketing, Trademark Pepsi. “We’re excited to offer our fans so many opportunities to enhance their iconic summer experience.”

Given Shelton’s famous ability to connect with fans on a personal, unpretentious level, the choice to have him be part of Pepsi’s Iconic Summer program was obvious. As for Shelton, the country star said in an interview with Hollywood Life that he relished the opportunity to connect with fans, and believed that the program would

For this event, Pepsi turned to the king and queen of internet pranks, Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith of the YouTube series PrankVsPrank and their daily vlog, BFvsGF. In PrankVsPrank, Wellens and Smith battle one another in a constant game of pranking one-upsmanship, to the point of having been named YouTube’s best pranksters in the April Fool’s edition of USA Today. So it shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise when the contestants learned that the simple raffle they believed they signed up for instead turned out to be a speed sketch competition.

For the competition, Wellens and Smith paired up with each of the 10 finalists who then had to quickly jot out whatever topic they had randomly picked out of a Stetson hat. As Wellens and Smith tried to figure out what each contestant had drawn, the 10 finalists were soon reduced to just five.

Then, as the crowd around the contest started to become massive, the CMA Fan Fest patrons cheered loudly as Blake Shelton emerged unannounced from the interior of the Pepsi Fan Engagement Bus.

“Hello everybody, by the way!” said the chart-topping star of the Voice as he looked out over the wild crowd. “Raffles are no fun. So here’s what we’re gonna do; we’re all gonna compete in a game of speed sketch to win these tickets.”

Written by Drew Hendricks