Automotive Social Media

Dealer Authority Automotive Social MediaLet’s face if. If you’re in the car business and you’ve either listened to presentations about doing social media or you’ve actually hired one of the many social media vendors out there, chances are you were disappointed with the results. Those who do it themselves based upon the directions of a “guru” often fall short or simply don’t see the results they were expecting. Those who hire a service rarely see the ROI they were promised. The last four years of poor services and unworthy social media mavens has made “automotive social media” an unfortunate phrase.

It doesn’t have to be like that. At Dealer Authority, we believe that true automotive social media must come as a result of nimble strategies guiding aggressive delivery to produce potent results. You shouldn’t have to wonder if it’s working. You should be able to see improvements immediately and witness stunning results without having to dig through mountains of reports.

Truly Effective Automotive Social Media

There are three guiding principles we use to keep our social media rocking indefinitely at Dealer Authority:

  1. Daily Education – Social media isn’t stagnant. It’s ever-moving. The only constant is the state of flux. We monitor the major and minor blogs and learn more about what’s happening, what’s working, what has stopped working, and what changes are coming. We do this every single morning, 365 days per year.
  2. Focus on What Works, NOT What Sounds Good – There are plenty of pitches and marketing strategies out there such as “get on 55+ social media sites”. If it’s not effective (and focusing on 55+ social media sites is not effective) then we won’t apply the strategy even if it sounds good to a potential customer. We focus strictly on strategies and techniques that deliver results.
  3. Tangible or Go Home – The one thing that bugs us the most when we analyze different automotive social media presences out there is when we hear that their current vendor has to dig deep to try to convince their clients that it’s working. Our procedures and reporting are crystal clear and the results can be smelled from across the room. You don’t need to be a social media guru yourself in order to decipher what we’re doing. You’ll see it plain as day.

If you’re ready to take your social media up ten notches from where it is today and have it effectively drive more business directly (as compared to the inferred benefits that some try to sell) to your dealership, contact us. We have the best service in the automotive industry and we’re looking for the best dealers, the ones that really want to get aggressive. Is that you?