Automotive Social Media Marketing Infographics

It is crystal clear that the automotive industry is embracing social media as fast or faster than any other vertical market out there. From manufacturers to dealers and every step along the way to get us behind the wheel, every level of the industry is rapidly deploying amazing social media campaigns.

My good friend Muhammad Saleem from Car Insurance Guide put together an amazing batch of Infographics that depict how the five biggest manufacturers are applying social media on a level that few can match. It is through automotive social media that the industry is better heavy. Judging by these graphics, it seems that they may be winning big as well.

First, let’s look at…

Automotive Social Media and The Super Bowl

The Big Five

Before drawing your conclusions, take a look at what the five major brands are doing with their social media:

Automotive Social Media Lessons and Takeaways

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  1. A very comprehensive article on the use of Social Media by the Automotive Industry. The Social Media Platform has been very effectively used during the Super Bowl by Automotive giants like Volkswagen, Audi, Ford & Mercedes.

  2. Great information to learn from. As in any new field it is the one who is willing to take the risk first who would lead the way for others to learn from the mistakes, however, it takes lots of courage to jump out and be the one. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you and congratulations on the success.

  3. Excellent info, social media has been a difficult nut for the auto industry to crack. In our area the vast majority still rely on print ads and continually pump crazy amounts of money into it. Put in the right hands, this post should be able to sway a few old-school minds and drag them into the ‘now’. Thanks for the post!

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  5. Working for a company that primarily does marketing for automotive dealerships, it’s encouraging to see that marketing efforts from major automotive manufacturers (and smaller dealers as well!) have so effectively expanded into the realm of social media. Thanks for sharing these fascinating infographics!

  6. I’m glad to see the automotive companies finally getting on board with the idea of engaging in conversation with their customers!

  7. Barry White

    If you’re not embracing social media in your car dealership marketing efforts, you may be missing out. I came across this blog recently that highlights just that. Good stuff…