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Victoria Reynolds is an avid writer, who enjoys learning about electronics and technological advancements that make life easier.

How People Are Traveling in 2013


Traveling can be fun, but it tends to be more about the destination rather than the actual traveling, due to the chaos that ensues once arriving at the airport. Long line-ups, delays, and baggage issues can make going on a trip harder than it needs to be, but keeping focused on the actual arrival is what motivates most of us to tolerate this madness year after year.

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Fun Facts about Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese Facts

One food that most of us have eaten is mac and cheese. Not only is it extremely easy to make, but it tastes really good too. We enjoy the creamy, ooey, gooey-ness of it that somehow comforts us during good times and bad.

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The Social Networks Email Marketers Include Within their Emails

There are many Social Networking sites you could add within e-mails to boost your social visibility, but there are only three that E-mail Marketers use that have proven successful.

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Using Social Media to Build Your Future

In order to build your future you must keep up with the times and since 60% of job offers happen through networking, using Social Networks will only increase your ability to network even further.

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Most People Scan Posts As Oppose to Reading Them

When writing a blog post, your title is the most important and yes will entice people to click, but reality is people will scan the article rather than read it. Therefore you need to grab their attention, find out what is trending and add a creative twist.

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What does Google Own?

What does Google Own

Google is a power house and since it is a source of everything imaginable one would think that all of its investments would be well known. However, do you really know where Google spends their money? Over the past several years Billions of Google bills have invested in many other companies and yes, this means businesses besides YouTube. You may be surprised to see all of the companies Google has ties with; they are not all publicly known and are interesting to learn.

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Get Traffic to Your Website Faster With Pinterest

driving traffic
Adding images to online albums and sharing them on various social networks with the efforts of trying to get visitors to your website or blog can feel like a second job. What if you could combine all of these tasks into one? With Pinterest, now you can.

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Which Android Tablets Are The Best?

Apple is usually the one to beat when it comes to the latest gadgets and with the tablet market, it is no different. However, Android tablets are also very popular and there are many to choose from, like the Amazon Kindle Fire. Discover which Android tablets are the best of the rest, from the graphic below.

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The Positive and Negative Effects of the Google Driverless Car

When most of us first heard that Google was going to make a driverless car, our jaws dropped and a lot of us were excited about the news due to all the good it could bring. Nevertheless, if we really stop and think about having a car that no longer needs us to drive it, we may realize what else it will cause us to no longer need.

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How New Online Marketing Tools Are Implemented Into A Current Brand

There are many challenges marketing executives face when wanting to promote their products and services online. Not only do they face the challenge of having to evolve using new internet marketing tools, but they must also find ways to incorporate them into their brand.

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