How Google Wants You to Cite Sources

Google Search

When it comes to citing sources in your web content, there has always been a few different schools of thought. Some people meticulously cite every quote and source in proper MLA format like they are trying to get an A in English Comp 101. Some people throw in a quick link somewhere in the article and call it a day. Finally, some other people eschew sourcing all together and just steal information and content from others because the internet has a very liberal idea about ownership. Some techniques will get you penalized and others will see you rewarded. Wikimotive is here to make sure you make the right decision for your SEO and your audience.

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The Science of Simple Writing

Search Engine Optimization

Today I want to talk about a writing gimmick that I think we’ve all been guilty of at one time or another: using complex words to try and sound a little more intelligent. It’s a tempting thing to do, isn’t it? You sit there, reading over your simple prose, and your thoughts turn to the performance enhancing drug of the literary world (the thesaurus.) All you have to do is crack it open and suddenly, instead of worrying, you’re perseverating. Boom! It turns out that this kind of rampant thesaurus use may do more harm than good in the long run though, for both your search engine optimization and your audience.

Lets take a look at why.

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Google Local Carousel Listings

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 Google has been testing what they call their “Local Carousel” for the past couple months, and today it is officially going live. It’s the same top of page scroller you’ve been seeing on tablets for the past year, but now it’s on your browser for your local related searches. Lets take a look at what it is and what it means for your local SEO services.

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Using Stock Images?

SEO Company

Do you currently use any stock photos or imagery on any of your sites? For most companies, it’s a hard thing to avoid. The reality is that you’re going to need images, and you’re not always going to have the time or the money to hire a professional photographer or designer to create them for you. We get a lot of questions asking if stock images are okay to use, or if everything should be completely unique to the site, so here are the answers to help your SEO company get the most bang for the buck.

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Free Ebook on Business Blogging

Blogging Blunders Ebook

Blogging is the engine that drives your digital marketing activities. It is the content generation that bolsters your SEO, the posts you share to your social media accounts, and the voice of your company on the internet. If you don’t pay the proper amount of respect to your blog, you’re going to suffer for it in the long run. A truly successful digital marketing strategy involves blogging well, and blogging often.

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New Digital Marketing Facebook Page

Digital Marketing Facebook Page

Short post today! We wanted to let you all know that we are completely rebuilding our Facebook presence from the ground up. We’re actually moving away from the old page and working on the Wikimotive LLC Facebook page from here on out, so be sure to add us today. We’ll be focusing on marketing blogs, facts, infographics, and anything else we think may be of use to you. Click the link here to follow the brand spankin’ new, world-class digital marketing Facebook page.

Longhand Blogging

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All too often when we sit at the computer, we aren’t writing, we’re typing. It’s a subtle distinction but it’s an important one. Do you ever stare at your screen and know you need to get something down so you just hammer it out? Worse yet, do you ever stare at the screen, knowing you need to get something down, and then open a new tab and start reading the news or something? Writing isn’t always easy, anyone who says otherwise is selling something. You know that blogging is one of the best low cost SEO services, you know that you need to get it done, so let me suggest a little trick that may help you get those old synapses firing once again.

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Snapchat Not Temporary After All

Wikimotive Snapchat

Have you ever heard of Snapchat? It’s an app developed for iOS and Android. Using Snapchat, you can send pictures back and forth with your friends, the twist is that these pictures self-destruct after being opened. The idea behind it is that people will feel more comfortable sending some pictures (cough sexting cough)  if they know the pictures will delete themselves after being seen by the intended recipient. The company ran into some problems this week though, and now they’re looking at answering a lot of questions from the public. Let us here at your social media and SEO firm break it down for you.

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Introducing Wikimotive Podcasts!

Wikimotive Podcast

We have some exciting news here at Wikimotive today. We’re starting a new podcast channel! It’s going to focus on digital marketing interviews, webinars, and other informative (and hopefully entertaining!) segments. We will be releasing the podcast as both video and audio, so you can watch while you eat lunch or listen while you work. You can find the series over at its newly created home,
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Be an Artist

An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.


This post is for everyone out there who is blogging for business or as part of a Company SEO strategy. When you give advice, are you being an artist, or an intellectual? What’s the difference? Well, as the beautiful image above states:

An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.

Here at Wikimotive, we believe that when giving advice, you should always strive to be the artist.

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