Don’t Make a Splash (Screen)

Splash Pages SEO

When it comes to marketing, usually making a splash is the goal. You want to run a campaign that will have such a large area of effect, people will be feeling its ripples for a long time after it lands. When you’re designing a website though, making a splash is just about the last thing you want to do. And when I say splash in the context of websites, let me make this clear, I’m talking about splash screens. They’re terrible for your users, and their terrible for automotive SEO.

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Employee Engagement and Facebook

Social Media Strategy

Facebook engagement is an important part of marketing. The debate about whether or not it has a positive effect on SEO is ongoing, but what we know for sure is that more social engagement only helps across the board. Of course you want your customers and fans to engage, but sometimes the best way to get that started is to have your own employees engaging with your Facebook posts. Here’s a program that will help you make that happen and kick your social media marketing up to the next level.

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Advice for the Beginners

Ira Glass Business SEO

Here at Wikimotive, we have a backlog of content that goes back years. We have multiple ebooks and podcasts and infographics, and we have material published all over the web. We get emails all the time from people, intelligent people, who want to get into the game but don’t know where to start. They see the volume and the quality of work in the industry and they just find it so overwhelming, so purely and completely daunting, that they shrink away from ever starting in the first place. Worse, they create one thing, one blog or video or SEO campaign, and it doesn’t live up to their own expectations so they scrap it and call it quits.

This is one of the most toxic attitudes you can have, and it needs to stop.

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Google Says Google+ Doesn’t Influence Rankings

Google +1s

Does Google+ influence search rankings to any noticeable degree? It’s one of the most hotly debated issues in all of search engine optimization and digital marketing right now. A lot of people, experts included, are claiming that not only does Google+ have an affect on rankings, it is one of the most important ranking factors going. Other people, also experts included, are saying that it makes no appreciable difference. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Let’s take a look at the newest opinion to hit the scene, one that carries a lot of weight.

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The Newest Spam in 2013

SEO Spam


Is there anything better than a nice breakfast of crispy hot spam? Oh…what’s that you say? Pretty much anything? Well, guess what buttercup…Google feels the same way, but people keep trying to serve up spam all the same. One technique is hammered and gets you penalized, and the army of  spammers (the ones who give SEO a bad name to begin with) just move on like locusts, looking for the next technique to earn them a few bucks before Google catches on, leaving a landscape of destroyed sites in their wake. Let’s take a look at the newest SEO spam technique, what is is, and why you shouldn’t use it.

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Digital Marketing Advice in Your Corner

Digital Marketing SEO Answers

Here at Wikimotive, we get questions in the mail every day looking for advice. We want to help everyone, and we gladly do it free of charge, but we know that sometimes your questions can get lost in the shuffle of the daily mail. To ensure that we see every question that you may have for us, we’re creating a dedicated email address. From now on, you can send any questions you have to, and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible. In most cases, it’ll be right away, and it will never be longer than 24 hours.

What kinds of questions can we answer? We have experts in the following areas:

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Facebook’s New Advertising Hub

Business Social Media

Over the course of this last year, Facebook has proven itself to be a viable advertising platform. They’ve increased the total adspace on users’ feeds and have also gotten better at targeting those ads with graph search. The only problem has been that Facebook’s ad creation center has been pretty weak. It was usable, but it was not intuitive or especially robust. Now Facebook is setting out to change that though, and they’ve just released their new advertising hub for your business’s social media marketing.

Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

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Instagram Makes Sharing Easier

Instagram Photo

Instagram is a great way to take interesting pictures for your business, and we’ve covered it’s usefulness before. That utility has only grown in recent weeks with the introduction of short videos to the app. Now, you can take pictures and videos and apply stylish filters all within the same program. There has always been a problem with the social network though, it’s been difficult to share the pictures and videos you take. Instagram has been listening to the complaints, and now they’ve made it easier to share your business’s social media.

Lets take a look at how to do it.

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The Trouble with Cryptomnesia

Ernest Hemingway

Cryptomnesia has been on my mind a lot lately. In the course of reading dozens of marketing blog and writing hundreds of marketing words every day, it’s definitely a looming threat to myself, and everyone else in the industry. Cryptomnesia occurs when you remember something you’ve read or seen in the past, but your brain interprets it as something new and original. You don’t know exactly when it will strike, but any sudden, brilliant idea you pull out of the ether is probably suspect. It’s not a pleasant thought, but when you’re reading and writing automotive digital marketing material all day every day, it’s something you should keep in mind.

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Freedom and the 4th of July

4th of July

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate our freedom as a country. We have cookouts, we drink beers, we set off fireworks, and we spend time with our loved ones. It’s usually one of my favorite days of the year, but so far, 2013 hasn’t given us a lot of freedom to celebrate. It’s been a strange time for our country, and it’s hard to know what to believe anymore. We deliver SEO services, so like all you other SEOs and marketers, we have always known that data is plentiful on the web, but maybe none of us wanted to admit to ourselves just HOW plentiful it is.

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