Why Should Car Dealerships Have a Facebook?

Car Dealers

Almost everybody and their mother (Still haven’t accepted my Mom’s friend request), has a Facebook account. Nowadays, Facebook is not only used for personal use, but by businesses as well. A variety of businesses from your local small town deli, all the way up to big names like Nike, have a Facebook page and use it to create product awareness and customer engagement. Some companies will benefit from Facebook better than others.

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Three Easy Ways Social Media Could Help You When Buying a Car

Buying a Car

When you think about buying a car, you most likely surf the internet looking for automobile sites, or dealership homepages to get an idea on a certain vehicle and gather some information. One thing most of us would never think to do is use social media when we are car-shopping.

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Facebook: The High School Reunion Party Pooper

High School Reunion

Ten years ago if you asked someone when the last time they spoke to their high school buddies, they might say, “at their 10-year high school reunion.” Today, their answer would be more along the lines of, “yesterday.” Thanks to Facebook, people do not need to dress up and try and impress their old friends at their high school reunion, they can just sit at home and talk to them via internet connection.

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Social Media Marketing in the Film Industry Proven to Be Beneficial


When you think about the most successful social media campaigns, you probably think of big companies like Coke, Pepsi, or Old Spice to name a few. Yet, we never seem to think about the film industry. However, it seems like major movies such as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Paranormal Activity are the pros here when it comes to successful social media marketing campaigns.

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