Social Media for Car Dealers: An Interview with Richard Valenta

We had the opportunity to sit down with Richard Valenta, CEO of TK Carsites, an automotive internet marketing firm.

TK Carsites Social MediaAs car dealers progress through Web 2.0 and begin to embrace its potential in marketing, branding, and customer relations, many have started off on the wrong foot. The traditional thought process surrounding the automotive industry and many other verticals is based on “push marketing”.  Social media is a different beast – the more you push, the worse off you are sometimes.

“The goal is not to set up a Facebook or a Twitter account and start pushing inventory and specials and coupons,” Valenta said.  “The goal is to interact with people in the community, gain that credibility and utilize it as a place to soft-shoe your way into advertising your products and services.”


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Car Dealer SEO – Onsite vs. Offsite

On the heels of the Driving Sales Executive Summit and the JD Powers convention, two thing is still clear in the automotive industry – car dealer SEO is at the top of the priorities lists and information about proper SEO is still being debated.

This post by Richard Valenta couldn’t have come at a more opportune time:

Offsite SEOOffsite SEO vs. Onsite SEO – It’s All in the Follow-Through

Search engine optimization (SEO) has found steady footing within the automotive industry as dealers adopt cost-effective solutions for their marketing needs. Nearly every automotive marketing consultant and website design company touts their ability to deliver lead-generating, SEO-friendly content and design. But with a barrage of exotic claims incessantly thrown at car dealers, what exactly are the differences between vendors? How can dealers see through the misguided assertions and unfounded fairy-tales to find real results?

One way to address these questions is to see what vendors can seamlessly and strategically balance and integrate offsite SEO with onsite SEO. Let’s take a quick look at both of these crucial areas. (more…)

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