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Ted Cruz Free Market System

Ted Cruz on the Free Market System

One of the greatest misconceptions in American politics today is that capitalism is evil. While there are aspects of capitalism that allow for wrongdoings, greed, and abuse of power, the system itself allows for those who can spread success to do so. When we take

Donald Trump 60 Minutes

Donald Trump’s Plan is Absolutely Impossible to Fulfill

The uninformed voters who watched Donald Trump’s 60 Minutes interview are certainly pumping their fists and embracing the things they heard. Like the high school student council presidential candidate, he’s promising to put soda pop in the water fountains and to eliminate homework on weekends.


Regarding the Islamic State Threat

The Islamic State represents an existential threat to the whole world. They are concentrated in the Middle East now but their influence can be felt in western countries. Their goals are to unite the Muslim world under their caliphate and enslave, imprison, or kill all

Barack Obama Ted Cruz

Addressing the ‘Ted Cruz Can’t Win’ Fallacy

Three times in the last five election cycles, the Republican establishment has made a terrible mistake. They believe that if someone is too conservative, they can’t win the general election. Let’s look at Ted Cruz and compare him to his Democratic counterpart, President Obama.