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In Advertising, Let the Data Be Your Guide

Today, there is no shortage of data. There is exponentially more available data in our hands today than a decade ago, and there will be much more data available tomorrow than there is today. With so much information available, it’s strange that many still rely

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Twitter Considers Overpricing IPO

Good news came a week and a half ago when Twitter said they were wanting to be in the $17-$20 range to start their IPO. That didn’t last. Whether it’s their ego, poor advice, or ego fueled by poor advice, they’re now looking at the

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Top Brands and How They Use Twitter

Twitter often gets the shaft from a certain type of large company. Those who believe it is too frivolous, spammy, or noisy may avoid it as a marketing tool and simply use it for defense when bad things arise from a public relations perspective. This

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Google+ Has Big Bump in Monthly Active Users

Google has been less forthcoming about their numbers ever since they were scrutinized and ridiculed the last time they made bold statements about users. This time, they are cautiously optimistic. They’re not going to have another “mission accomplished” moment. The numbers, for what they’re worth,

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Advice from a Non-Investor: Buy Twitter (UPDATE)

Update: With rumors swirling that the starting price may go up, we have changed our opinion and now believe that you should not buy Twitter in the beginning. I don’t own stock. I will never own stock. I don’t read the Wall Street Journal and


The Failure of 9 Social Media Sites

There’s something about infographics that make claims based on perspectives and opinions rather than facts. This infographic from MyLife does just that and tries to list the top 10 failed social media sites.

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Social Help Desk: A Growing Trend

Many people spend more time on social media than they spend on any other online activity. We see little Timmy sliding into third base. We rant about the latest political hotspot or condemn our favorite teams for making mistakes. We chat with friends and family.