Pinterest: The Salesman of Social Media?

Pinterest Sales

Just a few months ago Pinterest was the new kid on the block, but now it is firmly the number three social network in the world. Since January 1st the number of users who visit Pinterest daily has grown by 145%. This is great news for marketers as Pinterest is proving to be highly effective for converting sales and driving traffic to websites.

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Twitter Comedy: Not that Easy

Horse Laughing

The life of a comedian is already pretty tough. If you make good jokes people will laugh, then they expect you to come up with new jokes that are even funnier. When you can no longer do that you are out of a job and a collection agency is after you demanding money. Now imagine that you have thousands of people following you on Twitter who demand these jokes at a rapid pace and often about current events. That’s a pretty daunting task, but it’s one that many comedians face.

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Will Klout Brand Pages Matter?

Red Bull Klout

Klout recently unveiled the newest addition to its website that claims to measure “social influence”. Klout’s formula puts most of the weight on a user’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Then it measures that user’s social “Klout” based on a variety of factors such as how many “likes” a user’s posts get or how many retweets they receive. Basically, Klout considers you to have a high Klout score based on raw numbers, not on content.

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The Future of Facebook Advertising

Facebook Like Dollars

I have a confession. I work in social media and I have never clicked on a Facebook advertisement in my life. If I want to “like” a page I go and find the page myself and click “like”. I don’t know who out there clicks on Facebook advertisements, but they exist and they are a major part of Facebook’s revenue stream.

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The New Face of Music


Spotify recently announced an embeddable play button that will work on blogs, websites, and tumblr. This will allow any registered Spotify users to play music through their Spotify without having to leave the current webpage (even non-premium Spotify users will have access to these play buttons). This is another change in modern music consumption.

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Before I start this blog I want to get this out of the way…yes, I know wrestling is fake. Now that we’ve gotten that out in the open let me go on to say that I also watch wrestling from time to time and happen to enjoy it. It’s the perfect mix of ridiculous storylines and actual athleticism for an easily entertained male (and some females). While the WWE is no longer at the top of its game, there is still that certain time of year where the casual fans are drawn back in: Wrestlemania.

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