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Would You Turn to the Crowd?


Lately, there had been increasing number of organizations and even governments have recognized the power of crowds and are utilizing crowdsourcing for everything from design, marketing, administration, innovation to marketing research and raising money.

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Social Media’s Role in Happiness and Productivity at Work

Social Media Happiness

While there may be major studies about how the social media cost distractions are costing businesses millions of money, a recent research conducted by James Fowler at UC San Diego shows that social media also contributes in enhancing happiness and productivity in the workplace.

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What Skills are the Tech Giants Looking For?

Tech Company Skills

Jobs at Google, Facebook and Apple are the most sought-after careers in the Silicon Valley. 1 in 4 young professionals want to work at Google, but fewer than 1 in 250 applicants will ever work at the company. Knowing what types of skills and expertise these companies are looking for will somehow give you an idea whether you stand a chance to enjoy the perks that these companies provide to its employees.

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