Rockefeller. Carnegie. Google? How Will the FTC Outcome Impact the SEO Game?

John D Rockefeller

Back in America’s early beginnings, during the Industrial Revolution, men like Carnegie and Rockefeller were titans among the masses. These men single handedly changed the world. While their visions made our world what it is today, they did not provide us with oil fields and railways out of pure kindness; money was made and it made men like Carnegie and Rockefeller very wealthy.


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Tweet-Mail: How Twitter’s New Messaging Option Can Gain More Followers

Twitter Mail

Twitter has some new digs! Twitter now has the option to email non-Twitter users to share out your tweets. Now your 140 characters can reach more than just your following flock of Twitter handles! According to Mashable, “In addition to sending the tweet to a friend, you can also opt to add a personal comment to go along with it. The comment is sent along in the body of the email rather than on Twitter itself, allowing you to comment about a tweet without making those comments public.”


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Three Ways Podcasting Can Help Your SEO and Social Campaign


The social media marketing industry is always looking for the biggest and best way to promote themselves, their clients or impact the social media scene. While social and SEO is geared towards good content, there are certain rules that need to be addressed prior to launching your content; am I being to spammy? Why am I not ranking? My post was clever, why are people not linking or sharing?


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Reddit Donate: How Charity can help your Online Marketing


Almost everyone who contributes to the social media game is looking to boost their online presence. While most of us have an incredibly structured SEO strategy or manage several social media accounts, business strategy is always striving to be the best of the best in the “online arena.” What most people forget is that there is a way to be social without sacrificing integrity or relieving their commitment to a strict online presence. I recommend that the online community get back to Earth and contribute to those in need: join a charity.

Reddit, an internet front page of news and community gathering is enormously popular. Users of Reddit can contribute to the public griping of a kid working retail or a movement in politics. While Reddit supplies the internet with news from the ground up, this incredibly resourceful Internet Town Hall has developed a way to give back to the public. Reddit Donate has been launched to aid in online donations, making it easier for those who wish to donate to their favorite fundraiser or charities (under $10 is free and quarter fee for any donation over that).

The power of social media marketing for charity is real. We have seen it recently with the Oatmeal’s current fundraiser to reinstate the Shoreham Tesla Museum. So, how can serving a charity or fundraiser aid in your social media marketing?

By making donations and promoting charities or fundraisers on your social media page, members of the online community would be more inclined to contribute and share to your page. Being social with the online community is the philosophy that social media firms should stand by. Why can’t we be social in real time as well as on the Internet? If more online business promoted charities and contributed to their communities, businesses can take advantage of their contribution to promote their online marketing.

Writing a press release, stating you have got back in touch with the community, a blog to support it and a Facebook campaign to promote your business actions are the necessary ingredients for an effective online presence.

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Are People too Connected to Reconnect? Why the Reconnect Campaign Could be a Bust


I was surfing trough the periodicals on Mashable and came across a little gem that caught my interest: Reconnect. The Reconnect article challenged the internet community to disconnect from the Matrix and get outside. Participants of the Reconnect campaign would disconnect from anything and everything digital and create from their own minds original and creative content that can then be shared on the Reconnect Facebook page. The creative content can range from painting to flash mobs and is only for a single day.

Seems interesting enough but is this campaign capable of lifting off the ground? My guess is no.

I believe that although the Reconnect Campaign has merit and can prove to be something great, I believe that the world is far too connected to let go of their smartphones or status updates. I find that disconnecting for a single day is a brilliant idea; at times I wish I could take my phone and throw the damn thing in a lake and let go of all of the digital aspects of my life. Unfortunately, I am one of the connected.

Besides the lack luster of the tree hugging and flash mobbing, the campaign has been set to launch on Labor Day weekend. Most of us that are human have plans to BBQ and go to the beach for the final weekend and most of us want to tweet invites or share cool pics.

Here is what I propose to the Reconnect Campaign:

  1. Change the date – I work seven days a week and Labor Day weekend is my only time to sit back with a cold one. If you wish to disconnect the world for a single day, choose a more daring day like Monday to really cause some waves.
  2. Incentive – I don’t think that the world will disconnect for the sake of disconnecting. As human beings, we LOVE to be accessible and broadcasted on the internet. If there is something more to the campaign, something meatier, I think people would be more likely to Reconnect after they disconnect
  3. Fans – Get more fans and tweet your message to a larger audience. With fewer than 700 likes you won’t reach the world. Utilize the strategy of an online marketing company and get your message out there.

The world can Reconnect but only if you can convince them. Can you convince them to disconnect in order to Reconnect?

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Social Media Monuments: Is Zuckerberg the New Steve Jobs?

Zuckerberg Starry Night

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has announced that its shares will be priced at $28 to $35 which will put the company’s worth as high as $95 billion. Since the creation of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has become a pivotal figure within the social media community. The young philanthropist has quickly become one of the richest men in the world. On the low end of the price range, that would make him $846 million richer. On the high end, he would net $1.05 billion.


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