The Importance of Invoicing On Time


Your business just sold several products worth more than $500 in sales. The products are gone, and the customer is excited. Your next course of action is sending the invoice. An invoice provides detailed information about the sale, including product, pricing, and terms of sale. With many businesses requiring 30-day terms, you must send your invoice out quickly for a fast payment on the balance. Holding onto a sale without invoicing it can cause your business to enter the red. (more…)

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6 Degrees of Tyranny: The Business World’s Overqualified

Warren Buffett

When surveying the relevance of advanced education on making good business decisions, the metaphorical “rat-race” of wealth accumulation has too often been seemingly decided by pure chance. However, does this mean that the business leaders of the world – those who want to have as much of everything as possible – would pass on college degrees to add to their ‘trophy cases’?

While they probably had the option of obtaining an accredited online business degree as a means of balancing their business ventures with their education, it’s far fetched that they would settle for an online school when an Ivy League MBA was most likely a viable option.  So it is with a hunger not only for economic power, but academic brain power that some of these big men are quite overqualified as far as education is concerned. (more…)

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