Facebook Secretly Adds Recommendation Star Rating to its Business Pages


Consumers are quite used to the quick star rating when it comes to sharing our input on how we feel about a business’s customer service. Not only has it been available to us throughout companies feedback boxes for years in-store, it has been provided nearly everywhere online too. Heck, even movies are rated in a 5 star format. However it looks like Facebook has finally caught on; better late than never.

Since this type of rating system is widely known, it only makes sense that it makes its way onto Facebook, although you would never know of the change unless you actually click on the recommendations section on a Facebook Page for a business.  It seems like Facebook secretly rolled it out, and even though a secret roll-out is nothing new for Facebook, adding a new feature that will impact a business will be more than subtle.

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Why Internet Explorer Has This 90s Kid Screaming Hip Hop Hooray


Nowadays the web browser known as Internet Explorer (IE) is mostly known to be used by businesses. Admittedly I haven’t been its biggest supporter, I haven’t used Topps cards or played skip it in a long time either. But Internet Explorer has definitely persuaded me to give it another look by simply time traveling me back to my childhood.

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Now You Can Reply Directly to Comments on Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages reply link comments

The day we all have been waiting for has come for Facebook page owners and admins. The day in which we can directly respond to the people who leave comments on our Facebook Pages without having to tag them or just leaving another comment in your thread.

Facebook sure has improved communication on Facebook Pages with this latest feature by adding a reply link to comments. This means that you can now click “reply” when a comment is left on your page and the person who left it will be notified. This will turn commenting into a nested thread that will be in the comments section but creates a more personal touch between your brand and the commenter.

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Meaningful Marketing: Why the Chrysler Group Super Bowl 2013 Commercials Surpass All Others


The Super Bowl has concluded for yet another year and for those of us within the automotive industry it sure was interesting to see the various automotive commercials that Toyota, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Audi, and Lincoln created. As we grabbed for more nachos while football took a break and the anticipated Super Bowl intermissions commenced. This year there was a strong winner, a motor company that made great strides to appeal to their demographic and put the driver first. The winner hands down for this year’s automotive Super Bowl commercial goes to… the Chrysler Group.

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Are You Ready for the New Instagram Terms of Service?

Are You Ready for the New Instagram Terms of Service

As every Instagrammer out there is aware of the debacle that wreaked havoc over users late last year when Instagram announced changes to their Terms of Service and its wording implied that Instagram was going to use our images to make money without giving us self-taught photographers compensation. Since then, Instagram has reneged on their decision to release a newer Terms of Service and instead as of tomorrow January 19 2013 their advertising section within the updated Terms of Service will revert back to the original agreement that was created the day Instagram launched in October of 2010.

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Are Notifications from Google+ Communities Getting on Your Nerves? Turn Them Off

Turn off Google Plus Communities Notifications

Late last year, Google+ added its Communities, which are much like its name, a circle that is dedicated to a topic that other like-minded people can be a part of, allowing you to grow your network while socializing on subjects that you enjoy. It seems like everyone is making their own community and invites are a constant which means that this is bound to annoy some more than others.

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Walk away as your driverless car parks itself and picks you up


Cars are becoming more and more independent from the driver and although we are clearly ready within technology are we truly ready as drivers to walk away when our cars are still moving? At CES this year the automotive motor company, Audi unveiled its self-piloting car, one in which you can use your smartphone to park your car without any further instructions besides a touch of an app.

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Why Reachli is Ideal for Businesses Using Pinterest

Reachli is Ideal for Businesses

As with any site, the more exposure received the better it is for your brand, in particular organic exposure. Organic is content seen by people on the site and is numbers or views that are not inflated with fake or irrelevant accounts. Although once upon a time where views came from didn’t matter, today in social media it does, and knowing what tool can help you gain exposure without hurting your brand is a valuable lesson to learn prior to using any tools.

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Quit Hiding and Start Being YOU on Social Media

Quit Hiding and Start Being YOU on Social Media

I often still see many people hesitant in using social media, almost like watching them dip their toe in to see if the water is warm or not.  People, who clearly want to use social media but often leave themselves out of the overall experience and instead remain in the background. It may be shyness, or increased fear, but most likely it has to do with not knowing how to spark a conversation.

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Does Your Business’s Social Media need an SOP?

Does Your Business’s Social Media need an SOP

The normal order of business is to ensure that every department has a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) however, with the addition of Social Media in recent years; some companies may find it hard to create or unify their team members in keeping it not only followed but updated.

This has become a struggle with many companies that have added Social Media to the mix and since it too needs some order, the question often asked is “Does Social Media need an SOP?”

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