Thanks for the suggestion, but…

no but thanks

A friend sent this to me. While I appreciate the recommendation and I know that many (including Google, apparently) believe that Mashable is THE social media blog, we would like to say for the record that we’re alive and well and definitely not Mashable.

But thanks for the suggestion.


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Digg Starts The New Year Stagnant [Updated]

Update: Not only is Digg back, it’s back with a vengeance. Stories are flying on at ludicrous speed. It was likely a bottleneck of promoted stories that weren’t appearing on the Top News section due to some coding change. Things look like they’re about back to normal now.

There has been hope building up surrounding for a few weeks now. Changes are rolling in nicely. Traffic seems to be steady and on the verge of climbing. Spam is all but gone.

Today, a good chunk of that progress is overshadowed by the most stagnant homepage in, well, forever.

19 stories have been promoted to the top new section in the last 24 hours. Compared to the glory days of V3 when 90-140 would be promoted on a slow day, this doesn’t speak well for the struggling social news site.


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Improving your Netbook Life

Watch any movie made from about 1990 or older that has a business scene in it and you’ll see men in suits carrying large, rectangular briefcases into large boardrooms for meetings.  Today’s on the go business people, tech savvy entrepreneurs and active lifestyle people are reducing the amount they carry with them, while having more access to cutting edge technology than ever before.  Quietly, the Netbook has become, for lack of a better buzzword, the killer app of 2009.


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