The Most Important Stat for Facebook Pages is not Even Measurable

Brand Loyalty

Contrary to popular belief the most important stat on Facebook pages is not the amount of likes, it’s not the “Talking About Us”, nor is it the engagement that occurs on Facebook. The Facebook “Like Button Craze” died off with the new changes that Facebook made by taking away the landing pages. With the landing pages eliminated more brand pages seem to focus on engagement or better known as the “Talking About This Number.” As valuable as these numbers both are, they are not the most important number on Facebook. The most important number is actually the number of loyal fans which is a number not yet tracked by Facebook.

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Think like a Marketer, Operate as a Consumer


Big corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and even politicians are seeing the value in social media, which means that the surge in social media marketing and advertisements will only continue to increase.

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Does Social Media = Market Research?

Social Media Market Research

Since the days of the Myspace era, and now to the era of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, people have been sharing very valuable information that most companies would pay for. People share the products they enjoy, the ones they don’t, the colors they prefer, the items they buy, and the services that that they enjoy or even detest.

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Who’s Playing Social Games, Anyway?

Social Gaming Business

Social Gaming is becoming vastly popular and according to sources from, 53% of Facebook users play games, 69% of Facebook Gamers are women, and 20% have paid cash for in-game benefits. If you think these numbers are high, wait till the stats come out for 2011 because these stats are from last year. The total social game market, including Facebook, is expected to reach $8.6 billion by the end of 2014 (not counting ad revenue) according to social-applications platform Viximo and SuperData Research.

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Social Media is a Reflection of One’s Social Skills

Social Skills

As the Digital Media Manager for TerraCycle I have come to realize a very important truth. This truth is that social media is a reflection of one’s social skills. Whether your social media is for a company, a non-profit, or for personal use, the way it’s delivered is in direct proportion to ones social skills or what I like to call “Social IQ”.

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