4 Steps to Ask Friends to Take so you can Stay Private on Facebook


You may have your settings set to private but that does not mean your likes, comments or shares remain that way once you take action on another person’s Facebook profile or shared content. Facebook has made it this way and you are not able to change it unless you specifically ask friends to change the setting located under the settings area when someone hovers over your profile picture within a newsfeed.

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Facebook encourage users to vote

Election Voting in America

Today is a hard day, making a decision that will change the fate of the Country is a huge responsibility and when looking at social newsfeeds neither candidate seems to impress many.

The minority within newsfeed are dead fast in their convictions of who they believe should be president going forward, sharing their views and opinions, some even bashing the other candidate. The debates have clogged up many newsfeeds having a lot of people wanting this election over with so they do not have to read a constant stream of political views or articles.

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Like and Share if You Agree Needs to Stop


I am so tired of seeing newsfeeds flood with status updates and images that try and guilt people into contributing an action on their Facebook activities. This is very reminiscent of the “Please Retweet” that used to baffle me on Twitter, even still when I see the odd one roll by… I am still baffled.

I don’t get it, have we become so desperate for actions such as a like, comment or share that we have to try and guilt each other into making them happen. Most don’t even realize that many are playing on that emotion, it is manipulation and it needs to stop.

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Have you checked out Scoop.it?

Scoop.it news site

If you like StumbleUpon but don’t have a lot of time keeping up with all the shares and information, you just might want to check out Scoop.it.

Scoop.it is a new curated site gathered by its users and even though there is no true voting happening, you are able to like the content that is shared. They have allowed you to create boards that you can name and tag to fill with relevant images, articles, videos or anything else you see fit.

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Is social media hurting our relationships?

Is social media hurting our relationships

As social networks like Facebook and Twitter have become a natural part of our daily routine, it often filters into our offline lives and conversations, therefore it must have just as much of a negative effect as it does a positive one…right?

We all have our own experiences and outcomes that connecting globally with people have left positive tracks within our lives, and although I don’t like to think about the negatives, I have often heard how social networks have turned us against one another and therefore I was wondering if others have often seen the same.

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