On IPOeve, the Twitter Buzz doesn’t look Good

Twitter IPO Concerns

If you believe the trends, the speculations, and the odd lack of true hype surrounding the Twitter IPO, you’ll probably be asking yourself if this is going to be more like Facebook or more like Zynga. If it’s like the former, than it will only plummet at the start and eventually rebound. If it’s like Zynga, it may never recover despite their recent gains.

Those are the questions that are circulating the day before the IPO. Will investors bite? According to Digimind Social, there may be a reason for the concern.

On the eve of Twitter’s IPO, wanted to pass along data insights and graphics into what potential investors and consumers are saying about it on social channels. Digimind, a social media monitoring company, examined online conversations over the past week (Oct. 30 – Nov. 5), and found:

  • The buzz is negative: People are overwhelmingly negative about Twitter’s valuation price. More than 76% of online mentions were unfavorable in relation to Twitter’s share price or valuation. When looking at conversations just on Twitter itself, that number skyrockets to 94% of comments being negative.
  • Visual: View a full graphic analysis of the keywords people are using to talk about the IPO along with sentiment graphs here.
  • “TWTR” enters the vernacular: People are grasping onto Twitter’s stock symbol, TWTR, which has increased in volume by 419% over the past week within discussions online.
  • Under the shadow of Facebook: Out of the top 40 topics associated with Twitter’s IPO on social and online media, Facebook is the fifth most discussed concept.

The top one is the most concerning. Whether investors are willing to admit it or not, they listen to things like hype and buzz. If the hype is strong enough, the buzz should be strong as well. With the buzz as negative as it is, apparently Twitter hasn’t done a very good job at their dog and pony show. Facebook had a much better dog and pony show before their launch and it took a year to recover. This doesn’t bode well in 140-characters or less.

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Groupon Gets a Facelift

Groupon Redesign

Groupon, the former daily deals site that turned into a social deals site that is trying to turn into a marketplace site has released its first redesign just in time for its five-year birthday. They aren’t just changing colors from old-school green to clean and tidy white. They’re trying to reinvent themselves… again.

After passing up on a $6,000,000,000 offer from Google a few years ago, they’ve had ups and downs. Mostly downs. That’s not to say that they don’t have a future, but it will take more than a redesign and a new direction to justify passing up on billions.

Here’s what Mashable had to say about the new design:

When users visit Groupon now, they will see a spotlighted deal followed by personalized collections of deals and a left-hand navigation menu, which lets users browse deals by category. There is now a search option featured prominently at the top — long overdue — which finally lets users search for keywords across categories. For example, someone looking for sushi would be shown restaurant deals, as well as deals for sushi classes and merchandise.

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22 Content Types to Keep You Blogging


One of the hardest parts about blogging is staying consistent and pumping out enough content to keep your readers coming back for more. It’s a challenge, not just because of the time necessary to stay consistent and abundant, but also because it’s possible to run out of ideas. Don’t get me wrong – there’s not really such a thing as running out of ideas completely – but we can hit a road block and sometimes we need to get some inspiration.

Other times, all you need to do is take a look at the infographic below that will give you some examples of types of posts to help keep your juices flowing, your fingers typing, and your content bursting. This graphic comes to us through Copyblogger.

Compelling Content Infographic

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Tumblr Fixes Their Search

Tumblr Search

For quite a long time, Tumblr search has sucked. No, really. It sucked. They made minor improvements over the years but it got to the point that I started using Pinterest search to find cool images and sharable content rather than Tumblr despite so much more content on the older blogging platform.

Thinks have changed. Today’s Tumblr search (seen above) is actually pretty darn modern. Best of all (and it almost brings a tear to my eye to say this) you don’t have to search by hashtags anymore. You can do a normal, actual search! As basic as the functionality sounds, it has been a gaping hole for Tumblr for a long time.

If this is the work of Yahoo, which purchased Tumblr for over a billion dollars earlier this year, then Marissa Mayer is my new official favorite Yahooligan.

Here’s the story on BetaBeat:

For most of Tumblr’s history, attempts to search the site have been frustrating and often just plain fruitless. It really took a lot of dedication to keep up with the erotic Optimus Prime fanfic community, you know?

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You Probably won’t See Any of the $20 Million that Facebook Owes Us


Facebook sent out an email and told users that they may be entitled to a portion of the $20 million due in a class action lawsuit if their names, profile pictures, or photographs were used in a “Sponsored Story”. It sounds like a lot until you realize that with 150 million US members, it’s very likely they’ll go to plan B and give the money to a charity that teaches proper social media use.


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