iRobot, You Robot, We All Robot

iRobot wants to see you “robot”. The creators of the room cleaning Roomba have developed a sweet new contest. Check out this video with pop and lock sensation Marquese Scott, who’s been featured in Forbes magazine and on The Ellen Degeneres Show:

Armed with the Roomba theme song, do your best robot dance, then submit the result at their youtube site. The public will choose the winners. Top three votes get a special iRobot trophy, and all 20 first prize winners get their video featured on the site, and their very own Roomba which can be programmed as a sentry that can protect your home from invaders. Ok, the programming part is a lie, but getting your own Roomba is pretty awesome. Ready? Set? Robot!

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AMEX and Twitter Join Forces – For You!

Ready for some social media awesomeness? American Express has created a new promotion where you sync your AMEX card with your Twitter account.  When you tweet using customized hashtags (that’s the text that follows the # sign, such as #soshable) you’ll get a discount/coupon off of the associated product that you’re purchasing. Just tweet and save money on the things you love! Check out the video below:

Numerous partners such as Best Buy, McDonald’s, Virgin Airlines, and Whole Foods have partnered with AMEX to take advantage of the new coupon system, with more businesses joining daily.  With this, coupons are a thing of the past. No printing, no paper, no problem!  To register your Twitter with your American Express card, click here.

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How Using Social Media Can Help You with Your Online College Classes

Taking an online college class might sound like an easy “A” that gives lazier students a chance to sleep in and spend class time in their pajamas and robe instead of dressing and showering the way we used to before the Internet changed everything. However, thanks to the advent of new technologies, increased Internet speeds and a constant stream of information and communication, college campuses are learning new ways to adapt social media into their online curriculum as well as their traditional classrooms outside of the Internet. Here’s why… (more…)

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