About Brooke Nepo

Brooke Nepo is currently an intern at award winning social media agency, Fishbat, Inc. She is also currently a nationally competitive Weightlifter with Olympic aspirations. Brooke graduated from Binghamton University in 2010 with a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Law.

#SocialMedia: Can We Cleanse Our #MediaDiet?

Good Diet

I just couldn’t do it.

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#Seniors: Can They Make the Jump to #SocialMedia?

Seniors on Social Media

“When was the last time your face was buried in a really good book?”

“No. I don’t read books anymore. I go on Facebook!”

“Facebook? What kind of book is that?”

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#SeeYouAtTheMovies: Roger Ebert Signs Off, But He’s “Not Going Away”

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert has taken “a leave of presence.”

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#GunControl: Can Filibusting Senators Make the #SandyHookPromise?


In addition to President Obama’s visit to Connecticut yesterday on behalf of the Sandy Hook victims, family members came to Capitol Hill to rally behind pending gun control legislation in an effort to urge Washington lawmakers to reduce gun violence. Their urging comes at a time when 13 Republican senators are threatening to block and stall the proposed gun-control legislation package with a filibuster. The bill, which has been called “a wish list for gun-control advocates,” includes proposals such as background checks and record-keeping of gun sales.

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Big Brother Facebook Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself – and They’ll Tell Your Dad

Big Brother is Watching

“Tell us about yourself.”

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Starbucks Equality: Looking Through the Rose Colored Lens of Marriage Equality


Is it good business sense to side with a controversial topic such as gay marriage?

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Letters for Noah: The Irony of Social Connection

Cyber Bullying

We live in an increasingly connected world where it is harder to unplug from the daily din of life. Social media allows us to interact with anyone, anywhere, who is in isolation even if there is no one physically surrounding us.  A virtual presence can provide us with instant responses from anywhere but it can’t create a physical one. It’s the physical presence that forms social bonds not forged through social media.

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