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The Psychology of an Internet Troll

Take extreme caution when becoming involved with online social forums such as chat rooms and even Facebook. The “Trolling effect” has been recognized by scientists as the shifting of our identities when we are online because we essentially have no worries of physical altercation or


Retail Social Media Top 10 [Infographic]

Social networking sites have provided companies with a platform to reach their consumers in a new, fresh, and efficient way. Retailers are one industry that has jumped on the social media bandwagon, however, they all are not on the same playing field. Let’s take a

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New Social Media Trend: Social Gifting

Social gifting is on the rise. What is social gifting you ask? Well, it’s simple. People share their wish list of gifts on social media so others can see what they want and pitch in money to purchase it. It’s a collaborative way to buy


Customer Service Goes Social [Infographic]

Customer service is a huge part of any business.  Bad customer service can result in a lost customer; in fact, 800 out of 1,000 people surveyed said they did not make a specific purchase due to bad customer service.  Additionally, consumers are twice as likely


Facebook Privacy Fails

Nowadays, most people stay connected through Facebook. However, Facebook has had many accounts of privacy failure in the last couple of years. Starting in 2009, Facebook reset their privacy settings. This allowed anyone in the public to see your “about me” page, friends lists, and


All’s A-Twitter In The Sh*tter

  In light of all the privacy issues with Facebook recently, one has to question the outcry over privacy, or lack thereof, when a large demographic are caught with their pants down (pun intended) updating their social networks while using the facilities.

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The Science of Beer Goggles [Infographic]

Disinhibition is the loss of inhibition, as through the influence of external stimuli such as drugs or alcohol, or as a result of brain damage. Chances are if you’ve ever consumed alcohol, you’ve experience disinhibition and the infamous “beer goggles”. Even low doses of alcohol

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The Most Social Colleges [Infographic]

Social media has become a permanent fixture in our everyday lives. Which means, if you aren’t on the most popular social sites, then you are out of the loop. Many people and businesses have social media accounts, but even colleges do as well. And some