Do Not Trip Out While Traveling. Use Tripit Instead.

Trip It traveling app

Most of us can agree that when traveling for work or when taking a vacation, it is definitely not about the journey and all about the destination. Planning, organizing, and coordinating a trip can make many of us trip out and possibly loose a few hairs, but the website Tripit, has come to our rescue and helps us keep the hairs on our head and our much needed sanity.

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The New MySpace Has Gone Public Timberlake Style

New MySpace Justin Timberlake

The newly re-designed MySpace has been in beta for some time now, which only allowed those who requested access, permission to use it. That is until now. MySpace has gone public, Timberlake Style. It is fully open to everyone, allowing users to sign-up using Twitter, Facebook, or an Email sign-in and granting all of us access to start experimenting with its new features.

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Facebook Currently Offering Best Practices Download For Car Dealerships


Many car dealers have created or have thought about creating a Facebook Business page for their dealership due to the social network having one billion users and three billion likes and comments generated daily. Facebook is where people like to share, explore, and connect, which ultimately makes it the perfect place for car dealers to engage with potential buyers.

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It’s the People behind the Numbers on Social Media That Matter Most

People Matter in Social Media

You may be a flourishing business, a new start-up, or personal brand trying to outshine your competition on social media. You have created several social accounts on various networks and a lot of time and energy has gone towards trying to make it work. You or your team has come up with social media goals of how many Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers your business or brand should strive for. However, no matter how much effort, or how many attempts you have made in trying to reach your targets, improvements and increases to your numbers are not occurring.

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Is Facebook or Pinterest Winning On Twitter

If you are following both Facebook and Pinterest on Twitter, you may notice how much they tweet and how often, but since all of us may not follow these two popular social sites it is hard to know which one does a better job at tweeting.

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How Smartphones Are Changing the World of Email

mobile emailing
There was a time when sending an email was the hippest thing to do, but now with the availability of instant messaging some may be led to think email is a thing of the past. It is very much the opposite. Although text messaging and social networks are very popular on mobile devices, the way we email has changed because of them too.

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Be Like Maxwell Smart and Get Smart by Wearing these Latest Gadgets

Wearable GadgetsAlthough the shoe phone is not listed in the infographic below, there are many gadgets listed that would gain the approval of Agent 86, better known as Maxwell Smart. The various wearable tech include a vibrating tattoo, a paper watch, and paint on clothing. Some of these could have helped Agent Smart evade the evil organization, KAOS.

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Facebook Increases Visibility of Business Pages by Connecting with Community Pages


Facebook is constantly changing and at times, it is difficult to keep up, but at a closer glance, many of the changes might actually be helpful to your business. One such alteration, noticed only recently, was done very quietly by Facebook to the Business pages. Most of us have used or heard of Facebook Business pages and Community pages, but did you know they can be combined? That is right! Facebook users who have a Business page can now add their page to Community pages.

Before getting into details about this change, first, we must understand the difference between the two pages in order to recognize how this recent change can help your business.

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