Are You Truly Recognizing Your Employees?


We work to make money. That’s the point. While many of us find fulfillment through our work, it still normally comes down to money as the driving force that gets us up in the morning, puts us in our cars, and heads us down the road to our job. While money might be the motivating factor for having a job, it’s not the most important motivator for keeping employees happy.

In this infographic we created for Salesforce, we explored many of the factors that keep employees happy and working at their peak levels of performance. While 56% of senior managers thought their company was above average at delivering appropriate appreciation, only 23% of their employees agreed.

Take a long look at this graphic. If you’re not the boss, maybe you should send this link to them as a not-so-subtle hint of information they could use to make them better at their own jobs.

How to Recognize Employees Infographic

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5 thoughts on “Are You Truly Recognizing Your Employees?”

  1. Nasheeka says:

    Great Blog JD.

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  2. Lorne Marr says:

    @While money might be the motivating factor for having a job, it’s not the most important motivator for keeping employees happy.@
    The question is whether the employees consider the money they get paid as an appropriate reward for their performance or not. If not, I guess the entire theory crumbles right at this point. On the other hand, paying the employees an appropriate amount of money is much easier than having to cope with the second stage – offering them something more to motivate them. I’m convinced that it depends mostly on the boss and his/her personality. It’s the individual approach to the employees and recognition what matters. Employees not respecting their boss=unmotivated employees=employees not giving a damn about the company.

  3. Dan Brown says:

    Nice infographic! I always enjoy these… It makes a lot of sense that employees would value rewards and other forms of recognition most.

    Personally, I think cash rewards are the best thing you can get, or possibly a really cool experience!

    I would say most companies fall behind when it comes to recognizing their employees and giving positive reinforcement and feedback. Definitely a worth share, thanks.

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