Are Notifications from Google+ Communities Getting on Your Nerves? Turn Them Off

Turn off Google Plus Communities Notifications

Late last year, Google+ added its Communities, which are much like its name, a circle that is dedicated to a topic that other like-minded people can be a part of, allowing you to grow your network while socializing on subjects that you enjoy. It seems like everyone is making their own community and invites are a constant which means that this is bound to annoy some more than others.

You can reject a requested invite or you can turn all community invites completely off or until everyone seems to calm down from the latest feature added o Google+. Here is how you can turn Google+ Communities off on your Google+ profile.

Go To Settings > Communities > Unclick E-mail and Mobile


You can turn off notifications when in a community as well which is located at the very top of the community you have accepted to be a part of, however that is the easiest way for when you are accepting, if you already have accepted and forgot to turn them off or didn’t know you could and want them all turned off the above approach is your best option.

You are also now able to turn of Google+ communities’ posts on the Posts tab of your Google+ profile. Simply go to your settings and scroll all the way down and there you will find a spot where you can check or uncheck whether you want posts on the Communities post tabs that you are a part of to display on your profile page or not.


Of course you are able to switch these settings back at any time within the same location. Communities are great to be a part of but it is not as much fun being bombarded by them, so at least you know your options.

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  1. psh

    See,.I tried to change my email but I still get notified when someone add something to a group in my app and in an email…