Are “Digital Natives” Better Suited For Mobile Learning?

The premise is simple. The “digital natives” who entered into the world surrounded by digital technology have two circumstances pointing them towards success in mobile learning: the tools are there to teach them and the old ways don’t work the way they used to. Sadly, the “old ways” that once worked have not grown less effective as techniques. Our children simply do not receive the same benefits from the techniques due to their skills (and often their dependence) on digital as a way of life.

Despite the simple premise, our friends at Voxy did not take the easy road to get the point across, generating this elaborate and exceptionally detailed depiction of the world of mobile learning. As with any company that prides itself on education, they definitely did a thorough job.

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Via: Voxy Blog, Infographic Marketing, and this Social Media Blog.

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  1. Liz

    Hi There,
    Excellent post. I have to agree with the idea that students engagement level with any educational material is improved by use of technology. Outside the mobile platforms students are rarely engaged to such an extent with anything else. By being able to carry many “text books” with them at any given time is a major advantage, one it reduces the bulk, two its accessible at any time anywhere, two, supplementary information is by far easier to access if needed. The traditional method of sitting at home and studying is hardly applicable anymore. Students dont live with their parents for the most part and have jobs or things that take up their time outside of school, obviously for those who are especially nomadic taking this material with them in a compact “pad or mobile phone” is much much easier. The only problem with this that I can see is how can teachers make sure the students are following a lesson along instead of looking breast of young celebrities. Fixing the school system is easier than fixing young adult human nature.

  2. JD Rucker

    @liz – you’re absolutely right. There are so many advantages but the drawbacks make monitoring our students’ activities harder sometimes.

  3. @liz and @JD That true but Student want some more advantage education and really they Concentrate in learning. also some application provide student learning progress report. it help us for monitoring

  4. These offers are really good for students but being a student i believe that some more free offers should be including in it.

  5. Jo Dean

    This makes a whole lot of sense.

  6. Learning to learn best.