Facebook Automotive Boot Camp

I haven’t been as excited about a product launch in the six years that I’ve been at KPA/TK. It isn’t that this I believe social media is more important than other product launches like Power SEO or Connect websites. It’s that this is the type of product that is truly, demonstrably much better than anything the competition has to offer in the automotive world.

At the Automotive Boot Camp in Philadelphia May 14th-16th, I’ll be educating dealers about the advanced ways that social media can be used to promote sales at a dealership. On the first workshop of the day on May 15th, I’ll be presenting Beyond the Basics: Taking Social Media to the Next Level and Beyond. This isn’t where I’ll be talking about the launch, of course, but it’s a good primer for understanding that social media isn’t just about branding. It’s about driving foot traffic and website visitors from the local area only.

Once I’m done speaking, I’ll be walking the Boot Camp floor talking to dealers about KPA Local Engage. It’s the first social product for KPA that I’ve helped to build from the ground up. I’ve always participated, but the industry has not been ready for “JD Social”. I’m not trying to toot my own horn on this, but as someone immersed in social media for over half a decade, I’ve grown an understanding at the nuclear level of how to make it work for businesses. Now, we’ll be applying what my team and I have learned outside of automotive and translating into a product that is designed to make dealerships succeed in the most confusing realm of internet marketing.

Please feel free to contact me if you’re not going to be at the Boot Camp, but I strongly encourage that you go. The education level at everything that FCE puts out is unparalleled and the list of presenters is one of the best I’ve ever seen at a conference. Check it out!

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Written by JD Rucker
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