Americans Drink Too Much Coffee

Coffee in America

I’m not trying to be judgmental here or anything. It’s easy for me to say things like that when I’m a tea and smoothie drinker.

Then again, I do love the aroma of coffee brewing. Maybe I’ll just add to the American obsession for coffee by brewing it and letting it sit there for a while. Nevertheless, here’s an interesting motion graphic on the subject.

Alfie Joshua

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6 thoughts on “Americans Drink Too Much Coffee

  1. Yes, it is certainly true that Americans drink too much coffee. Why? Because they don’t know any better. Why? Because coffee is an addictive substance. We often hear the mantra: “I can’t do without my early morning coffee”. Americans are followers when it comes to beverage drinking. How many Americans know about the health benefits and delights of drinking green tea? There is a whole universe of green teas out there to be discovered and they’re good for you. The health benefits of green tea have been well-researched and accepted by main-stream medicine. So America, get over your unhealthy obsession with coffee and discover the wonderful world of green tea.

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  3. I can’t live without coffee and everything what is connected with it. As a students I know how important is to know that there is something that can help you not to sleep before exams
    Thank you for your article

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