Compete overtakes Alexa (according to was once considered one of the best indications of the health and traffic on a website.  When entered the fray in 2000, they wanted to “…help create a more trusted, transparent, and valuable Internet.”  They wanted to compete with what alexa had to offer and become the authority on website comparisons.

If you go by their numbers, they are now that authority.

Other than a brief moment in September, Alexa has always maintained a higher traffic ranking.  This is according to the numbers supplied by  Alexa does not rank their own site.  That’s a whole other story.  Here are the numbers:

Compete vs Alexa

You can see the actual comparison at Compete vs Alexa.

What does this mean in the whole scheme of things?

Alexa has taken a reputation hit on social networks, search forums, and webmaster forums over the last few years because their data has been flawed and in some cases deemed meaningless. actually has the same issues with inaccuracies, but because they have never been vaulted to an authority status, they have gained the same glamour that a second-string quarterback enjoys.

Now that they are in the spotlight, will they prove to be a better option?  We’ll see, but we also doubt it.  Until the search engines are willing to share the data they collect, there will be no accurate representations of traffic beyond what every website knows about itself.  EVEN BETTER, nobody really, truly cares about the traffic numbers, so Google and friends should follow’s lead and give users the ability to erase their footprint from the sand altogether.

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  1. “Until the search engines are willing to share the data they collect, there will be no accurate representations of traffic beyond what every website knows about itself.”

    Actually – that data is available. The company, Hitwise has access to annonomised ISP traffic logs and can offer a surprising depth of information about any website you are interested in.

  2. Although it doesn’t offer micrometric precision, Alexa’s and Compete’s provide a useful framework for comparison between competing sites. Sure, I cannot trust the extremes – there must be some inaccuracy among first 50 results and below 3rd millionth – it is helpful to know if a competitor ranks 58132 and going down while yours ranks 75978 and growing. You can’t market while in the dark.

  3. Josie

    I think this quantcast metric is much more interesting at this point.

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  6. Offtopic

    We have tried to check our score of and, and it just doesn’t work: score changes, sometimes we are popular, and some day we are the 14 000 000th. Google search goes bit closer to reality.