After the Convention, It May Be Time to Start a New Conservative Party

New Party

The Republican populist party is officially here. There’s likely no going back. There’s likely no way to salvage it. The underbelly of the Republican party has united with the moderate Establishment wing to form the party of Trump, a formidable force that has no room for Reagan conservatives, the Judeo-Christian right, or Constitutionalists. It’s just about time to stop fighting for the GOP and unite under a new umbrella.

Tea Party patriots no longer have a home. Fiscal conservatives that believe in smaller government, a balanced budget, and greatly reduced tax and spend policies cannot look to the GOP for support. Social conservatives who believe in preserving religious liberties, protecting the sanctity of marriage, and defending the life of the unborn have been pushed aside.

We no longer have a party. Sure, there are much smaller parties to look at, but they’re powerless. We’ve stuck around with the GOP for 30 years waiting for the next Ronald Reagan. A few have popped up such as Ted Cruz, but the GOP was overcome by nefarious forces of stupidity in the year that we actually had a chance to nominate a conservative.

Now is not the time to wait around, but we’re going to have to wait until the GOP convention. There’s still a chance that sanity may win over. What’s more likely is that Donald Trump will do something to disqualify himself. I’m one who believes that he never really wanted to be President and now that he’s on the verge of getting the nomination, he wants the Presidency even less. He wants to lose, but he doesn’t want to do so in a way that makes him seem to be a loser. He’d rather win and begrudgingly move into the White House than to be considered a loser. For this reason, I think there’s a chance something will “leak” before the convention.

The other two options are for a conservative to run third party or for a convention coup. A third party candidate hasn’t materialized and if one doesn’t pop up in the next two weeks, there won’t be one. A coup is doubtful unless Trump does something dumb (okay, dumbER than he’s already been doing).

As eager as I am to start contacting conservatives, posting to various publications, getting things rolling on social media, and contacting the conservative parties that are already existing in an effort to consolidate, I’ll wait. The urge is there but patience must rule for now. If Trump is officially nominated, we’ll get this rolling. In the meantime, we must allow the Republican party to hold us hostage.

Conservatism from a Constitutional originalist perspective is the only thing outside of divine intervention that can save this country from the disastrous turn we’re in the process of taking. The road that the last four Presidents have sent us down is horrible, but it’s not too late to correct the course. We’ve waited this long. What’s a few more weeks?

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  1. clayusmcret

    I’m not in disagreement of the need for a new conservative party and would favorably consider it, but unless the intent is to elect Hillary Clinton as it’s first official effort, I would wait until after the 2016 election to kick off the effort. Otherwise just call it the Ross Perot party and let it claim victory in assisting Hillary’s win.

  2. bitterclinger

    Patterico has a coalition already forming.

    We’ve got to do what the Left does. They rally one-issue voters and champion that issue. So there are Libertarians who want fiscal sanity and small government. You have those wishing to preserve religious freedom and life issues. You have 2A groups. There’s the Constitution Party. We have to reach out to all of them.

  3. Edward

    It’s been time for a new party, past time. The republicans we swept in betrayed us, several time. The Republican Party has been a lite version of the democrats for far too long, they have granted even more power to a rogue president and checks and balances were ignored almost entirely.

    It’s not looking good for Trump, but it never did. Trump was the only candidate that was shown time after time to be unable to beat Clinton, yet his “angry” supporters ignored all of it and have put us in a very precarious position. If, by a fluke, Trump does win, he will destroy the conservative brand. We all know Trump is to conservatism what Obama is to the constitution, but facts don’t matter anymore and there will be no separating them.

    We have little more than four years to build this new party, let the republican brand be synonymous with the Whigs.

  4. JD Rucker

    There would be no Presidential candidate this election. It wouldn’t really be feasible to mount a serious contender in 2020, either. No Ross Perot this year. Until there’s real unity among conservatives, we’ll never get another Reagan. The fight needs to start now for the future. We would expose Clinton, but more importantly we’d work towards helping conservatives win in Congress as well as at state, city, and local levels.

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  6. CavalierX

    Why wait, and why start a whole new party from scratch when the Constitution Party already exists and could potentially be grown by an influx of disgruntled former Republicans into a party that can field viable House and Senate candidates in 2018?

  7. Al Kiser

    We do have a very good 3rd party option if Trump is the nominee. He is already on the ballot in 38 states and we are working on more.