After Orlando, Benghazi Report, Email Travesty, and Dallas Shooting, Trump Should be Demolishing Hillary. He’s Not.

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Pundits often like to look at the past and make comparisons, particularly in Presidential elections. They don’t always look at the circumstances, so we’ll do that before getting to the meat of the issue. I’ll keep it short to keep my blood pressure at bay.

In 2012, President Obama maintained a solid lead on Mitt Romney through the majority of the general election cycle for one reason and one reason only: Obama’s weak point was Obamacare and Romney was the absolute wrong candidate to take him on. The GOP declawed itself that year by nominating the one candidate who had no credibility attacking something that he indirectly helped create.

In 2008, John McCain was an old white guy going against a young minority following an unpopular Republican incumbent with a running mate that only inspired the most faithful Republicans. The cards were stacked against him from the start.

This year, the cards are all stacked in the GOP’s favor. Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee is a huge benefit for Republicans. Actions taken by the Obama administration that need correcting give us another leg up. Lastly is the news: it’s nearly all in our favor. We learned in 2004 that this can be a very powerful motivator; George W. Bush probably would have lost if John Kerry had been trusted to fight terrorism and the Middle East wars.

Orlando’s terrorist attack favors the GOP. The failures of the Benghazi report favors the GOP. The fact that Hillary is not getting indicted is great news for the GOP (if we’re willing to play that card properly). Then, there’s the Dallas shooting which highlights the failures of the left to handle racial tensions the right way. All of this means that the GOP candidate should be walloping ANY Democrat, let alone someone as completely unelectable as Hillary.

We have almost all of the cards. They have one. They have the Trump card. The left, which should be giving up on the Presidency and focusing on creating a check and balance campaign to win the Senate, is positioned to sweep everything because of Trump. In a year when we could have finally had a conservative in the Reagan camp leading the country, the GOP was overrun by low-information voters.


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  1. Steve

    The GOP hasn’t been over run by “low information voters.” It’s been over run by Republican elites who don’t give a damn about the wishes of the voters … even after we gave them the House and Senate. Personally I don’t think Trump is behind. But if he is behind Hillary at all it’s because of sanctimonious morons like Erick Erickson and George Will along with the other #Never Trump weasels and their continued onslaught of anti-Trump b.s. Hell, they and plenty of Republicans will turn the White House over to Hillary than see Trump there. That fact alone is enough to prove my point regarding the will of the voters means nothing. It’s disgusting to think those folks are willing to make Hillary the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military, appoint perhaps as many as three Supreme Court justices and on and on. A Hillary presidency would rock this nation in so many ways it will take generations to recover … if we haven’t crossed the Rubicon already. Ted Cruz was / is my first choice. But he lost. Regardless of how ‘stellar’ a campaign he didn’t have what it takes to even win the freaking primaries to get the nomination. And yet folks like you and the other aforementioned losers want to put him up against Hillary?
    Not to worry J.D. the Republicans are working overtime to throw the November election just like they did in ’08 and 2012.

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