How To Create & Grant Access To Your Adwords Account

As you are more than aware of, Google Adwords is a tremendous way for businesses to advertise their products or services.

Within Adwords, new campaigns can be set-up quickly, with very little money, and they can

generate highly targeted traffic to your website almost immediately and with very detailed tracking.  Although all of these benefits are wonderful, Adwords can also become a major frustration point for businesses if their accounts are not set-up the right way.  This article will cover the right way to create, manage and optimize Adwords campaigns.  We’ll also discuss some key mistakes that business owners make, potentially costing them money as well as losing them customers.

Correct Adwords Structure:

Your typical Adwords structure is going to look like this:

typical Adwords structure

The overall structure of an Adwords account is pretty standard.  The small details within each account are where many businesses get tripped up.  In this series we will cover all those small details and help you avoid some major pitfalls in your Adwords campaigns.  However, nothing happens unless you’ve created the account and done so in a way that will help you succeed.  Today we are going to go over the main account set-up and certain things to be aware of.

Main Account Set-Up:

The account set-up within Adwords is pretty straightforward.  This is the area where you will be setting up your address, billing, time zones etc.  Again, this information is pretty straightforward and should be very quick and easy to set-up.  If you don’t already have an account, you can get one by going to

account set-up within Adwords


Once you’ve created and verified your account via a confirmation email that Adwords sends you, it is important to set-up your billing information.  Campaigns that you create are not going to go live without billing set-up.  A very, very important thing to keep in mind when adding your billing information is to ensure you enter the information correctly.  If your billing information is entered wrong, Adwords can (and will) immediately suspend your account without warning.  Adwords suspensions are a black-hole you want to avoid at all costs and one that we can address at another time.  Just remember to enter your correct billing information and you’ll be safe for now.

When you’re first starting a new Adwords account you have a few different options for billing.  We’ll cover what they are and the ideal setting you will want to use.  However it’s important to keep in mind that all businesses are different and it is important that you have your billing settings in a way that makes sense for your particular business.

Manual Payments vs. Automatic Payments:

One of the benefits of Adwords is that once you’ve created a campaign, your ads will go live almost immediately.  That means qualified customers can start landing on your website within hours.  That also means that you will start to be charged an amount each time a user clicks on your ad.  In most cases those charges are small, as little as a few cents for each click. But, unless you have your billing settings done right, those visitors will not be able to find your site after a certain period of time.

When setting up your account you can choose to utilize either manual or automatic payments within Adwords.  The definition of each is no surprise, but the impact of which you select is crucial to your business.

With manual payments you will manually go into Adwords and submit a pre-payment amount of your choosing.  Think of it as a pre-paid credit card.  If you add $100 to your account, you can have your ads live until $100 has been accrued from click charges.  Once that $100 runs out, Adwords will automatically pause your campaigns and your ads will no longer be active.  They will stay paused until you add more money into the account.  This means that the qualified customers who are searching for your keywords will no longer see your ads.

With automatic payments, you simply enter your credit card or bank information into Adwords, and Adwords charges you when you hit certain thresholds of click charges.  At the beginning Adwords will charge you every time you reach $50 in click charges.  After they have done that a time or two, they will increase the amount to $250 and then up from there.

Manual Payments vs. Automatic Payments

With automatic payments, your ads are never paused unless you pause them.  Meaning, customers will be able to find your website when they are searching for what you have to offer.

Based on your business and your book keeping, you’ll want to set this up the way that makes you most comfortable.

Account Access:

Many businesses choose to hire a firm to help with their Adwords accounts.  If you choose to do this but want to avoid giving your login information away, there is a way for you to grant access to certain people.  Adwords has an ‘Account Access’ feature that enables you to give different levels of access to different people.

The different levels of access allow you to control how much a certain person/business is able to edit while they are logged into your account.  Currently there are four levels of access you are able to provide to other users.  They are:

1. Administrative Access:

a. This is the highest level of access you can provide to someone else.  This essentially enables that person access to change and edit anything they want within the account and also allows them to give/remove access to others as well.

2. Standard Access:

b. This level allows the user to edit virtually any area of the account.  However, the Standard user cannot provide or remove access to others.

3. Read-Only:

c. Users may view most areas of an account; however they’re not able to make any edits.

4. Email Only:

d. Users cannot actually sign-in to the account.  They are only able to receive email reports that are set-up within the account.

It’s important to know and understand the different levels of Account Access because at some point in your Adwords career you will likely be using this feature.  Whether you’re allowing an expert to review your campaigns, working with a third party tracking tool or hiring an employee, there will likely be a time when granting access to your Adwords account to someone else will become necessary.


Setting up an Adwords account is very simple and straightforward.  The actual account itself can be created within minutes.  Once you’ve entered your billing information you’re off and ready to start creating campaigns.


About the Author: Zach Thompson is a partner in RYP Marketing, a firm that focuses on AdWords Management for eCommerce and white label ppc for agencies

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