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Bill Clinton on Twitter is like Lindsay Lohan in rehab—it just makes sense. Twitter is a great way to stay in the loop with some of your favorite people.

According to an article published by The Los Angeles Times, Bill Clinton finally joined the Twitterverse after Stephen Colbert created a humorous fake Twitter moniker for the former president. After the positive response, Clinton decided to jump in and join the world of live stream social media.

But what if we could go back in time to Clinton’s presidential days and bring Twitter with us? His presidency would be so much more interesting and we would have a front row seat to all the interesting things that took place during his term.

Grab your beepers and baggy pants as we take a trip back to the ‘90s.

Imagine this: Clinton is president, the economy is doing well, people are going to school and Michal Jackson’s “Black or White” was No. 1 on the billboards.

Clinton tweets to MJ: “Hey MJ! How about producing a track with Mr. President? I’ll do my thing on the sax and you’ll do yours.”

How cool would it be to have your president create a track with one of the greatest performers of all time? Twitter gives public figures and celebrities a chance to be a little more personal, which is important for public morale. It’s also a great tactic to use to engage fans and voters.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Clinton actually tweeted that to Michael Jackson? Marketing a partnership like that would be a dream for a social media agency. Maybe then, Clinton would have been re-elected instead of impeached…

In 2013, however, Clinton might have to be extra careful with what he tweets. It’s very easy to get caught in a scandal on social media. Clinton needs to be extremely careful with what he reveals on Twitter and whom he talks to. I don’t think he wants another Monica Lewinski situation.

The last piece of Twitter advice I have for Clinton is to follow average people. Most celebrities or politicians have hundreds, if not thousands, of followers, but do not follow regular everyday people. One of the best ways to learn about Twitter is to follow other people and see how they use it. By following other people, Clinton could also see how his policies and actions affect the masses. This could set him above other politicians who barely respond or follow normal people. I think this is a great way for him to expand his influence and push his career forward. I’m definitely anxious to watch his Twitter personality develop.

So welcome to Twitter, Mr. Clinton! Just use it wisely!

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