We are not always ready to share everything, like a plan for a surprise party, preparation for a new baby or images we want to keep solely to ourselves or share with others for whatever the reason. Our favorite site for creating boards and pinning images of what interests us and wish for things we could have, Pinterest, is now offering its users the ability to have secret boards.

Every user is now able to add 3 secret boards to their profile, since for now they are just testing the feature and wanting to hear your feedback on the idea. These boards are currently located at the bottom of your profile for you to create your own little secret boards that you can handpick to share with specific Pinterest users.

Therefore you can use visual boards to create that surprise party, to share ideas visually for a new product as a business or to just keep images to yourself until you are ready to share them.


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  1. That’s a good move by Pinterest. I always like to save some of the infographics for my personal reference, but often feel uncomfortable revealing what I read. Such secret boards will definitely help people like me.

  2. Thanks for this! It reminds me of another great article I just read that chats about the private Pinterest board and also has some wonderful insights into how this works too. I’m so glad that there’s such a tremendous amount of resources out there for Pinterest peeps! Thanks again.