About Soshable

Social media is a whirlwind. It’s amazing at times and terrifying at others.

It’s a tool that people and businesses can use to fill many needs, both on a personal and professional basis. Every day another innovative use or important application emerges that can change lives from the most minute detail up to influencing the events of the world.

Our goal is to analyze these things and (hopefully) offer a fresh insight into the structures and people that drive the engagements.

“It’s social media. What worked yesterday doesn’t work today but may work again tomorrow.”

JD Rucker is the founder and editor of Soshable. We have writers but we’re always looking for more – contribute!

Soshable is partnered with Hasai, Inc, a social media strategy firm, and TK Carsites, and automotive marketing firm.

14 thoughts on “About Soshable

  1. wow! just nor ran into soshable, i like the concept, i like what i read here and i think i understand where you guys coming from. Keep up the good work!

  2. Just accepted a position as the Web & New Media Specialist with a company…started to do some research and came across Soshable. I believe this site will be a huge benefit for me in my career. Thanks!

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  4. What do you guys have planned for 2011? I have some big things planned for my website. I think its the first one of its kind. Forget the Dealership, find the right sales person… Love it

    Check out what I did… learn from the best :-)

    Tampa Car Sales

  5. Andres, your website is loaded with spelling and grammatical errors and I only noticed those once I was finally able to look past how poor the design is. Also, I can’t tell from your site exactly what your product IS. Are you a dealership? A reseller? F*ck if I can tell. Your “testimonial” from “Billion Dollar Real Estate Developer” is laughable, your unabashed spam attempt here is pathetic,… and .NET, really?

    I’d have left you alone but after that “learn from the best” remark I just couldn’t help myself. I figured, “he MUST be joking, right?”.

    All the best to you, buddy.

  6. Hi,

    I thought you might want to pick up this story for your blog. Let me know if you decide to use it!


    Likemedateme.com Lets Users “Like” Potential Dates on Facebook

    NEW YORK (February 14, 2011)— Likemedateme.com is proud to announce its Valentine’s Day launch of a new dating site that allows users to sift through potential romantic matches and register their interest by “Liking” them on Facebook. With their Facebook login, site users can sign into likemedateme.com and immediately generate a portfolio of potential matches based on interests, age, location, and other Facebook profile information. For each individual match, users may “Like” them if they like what they see or select “Next” if they are not interested.

    Leveraging Facebook’s open graph protocol, likemedateme.com is the first site to use the “Like” button in online matchmaking. Similar to popular predecessors such as hotornot.com, the site empowers users to render quick judgments about another persons’ attractiveness and prospects with the simple click of a mouse. When two users “Like” each other, the site enables each to initiate a private conversation with the other in order to get better acquainted and perhaps even escalate things to another level.

    It remains to be seen whether what begins with a “Like” can end up in marriage. If so, you can add dating to the growing list of activities that are now dominated by social media.

    The official likemedateme.com site launch is slated for February 14, 2011.

    For more information contact:

  7. The evolving Social Media landscape is definately shifting the norms of marketing. I came across a blog by Jeremy Epestien which talks about measuring Net Promoter Score as a diagnostic tool to assesing ones business. He also does blogs with his Top 5 books in the Never Stop Marketing era.

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