About Soshable

About Soshable

Back in 2007, a small group of friends decided to build a social media blog. It didn’t take long before I realized that this small group of friends was really only going to be me, so I built. I wrote. I promoted. A good chunk of the traffic came from early social media sites like Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon. “We” were rolling in content and traffic.

Things changed. Work happened. Life happened. The site went from multiple daily posts to a single post a day, then every few days, then, well, it just didn’t get much content at all. A few stories per month simply wasn’t enough to build it up. When trying to grow a company and raise a family, the secondary hobbies such as building a top-tier social media blog simply became a low priority.

I started taking on guest posts. I wrote what I could from time to time but the passion started dying. You see, I work in social media but it’s not really a joy. Social media is a tool for me. It lost its appeal as a way to connect and became something that was necessary for my career. At the end of the day, that was the real demise of the great social media blog. I lost the love.

Today, the passion is back. It’s just not the type of passion that drove me to try to build the site. Now, I’ve turned this into a site that focuses on the things important to me: faith, family, politics, and news. My desire to see through the lies of politicians and mainstream media have helped me to regain the desire that I had lost. “Soshable” might not be the right name for a news and opinion site, but it’s the name that we have and I love it.

If you want bold perspectives with plain talk and value-driven goals, you’re in the right place. We want to deliver the news of this world and beyond. We’re glad you found us.

10 thoughts on “About Soshable”

  1. Terry Smith says:

    Thanks for the follow on twitter. Glad to know about your blog.
    “Your Story Matters.”

  2. Abi says:

    wow! just nor ran into soshable, i like the concept, i like what i read here and i think i understand where you guys coming from. Keep up the good work!

  3. Rob Angeles says:

    Hi Oboy! First time here in your site. Soshal!

  4. Reynz says:

    Keep Social Climbing Alive Oboy!!!

  5. TL says:

    Just accepted a position as the Web & New Media Specialist with a company…started to do some research and came across Soshable. I believe this site will be a huge benefit for me in my career. Thanks!

  6. Andres Garcia says:

    What do you guys have planned for 2011? I have some big things planned for my website. I think its the first one of its kind. Forget the Dealership, find the right sales person… Love it

    Check out what I did… learn from the best :-)

    Tampa Car Sales

  7. Yeah says:

    Andres, your website is loaded with spelling and grammatical errors and I only noticed those once I was finally able to look past how poor the design is. Also, I can’t tell from your site exactly what your product IS. Are you a dealership? A reseller? F*ck if I can tell. Your “testimonial” from “Billion Dollar Real Estate Developer” is laughable, your unabashed spam attempt here is pathetic,… and .NET, really?

    I’d have left you alone but after that “learn from the best” remark I just couldn’t help myself. I figured, “he MUST be joking, right?”.

    All the best to you, buddy.

  8. Bilal H. says:

    The evolving Social Media landscape is definately shifting the norms of marketing. I came across a blog by Jeremy Epestien which talks about measuring Net Promoter Score as a diagnostic tool to assesing ones business. He also does blogs with his Top 5 books in the Never Stop Marketing era.

  9. jay says:

    I just unsubscribed based on your endorsement of Ted Cruz.

  10. abigail nasser says:


    I would love the chance to purchase some advertising space on soshable.com. I have a few clients that I think would be a great fit for your niche.

    Please let me know if this is something you’d like to hear more about and we can take it from there.

    Thanks for your time.


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