A Picture is not Worth a Thousand Tweets: The Instagram – Twitter War

Instagram vs Twitter

In reported social media news, the battlefront looks grim for Twitter users who relied on the savvy photogenic talents of the Instagram app. Pulling Instagram is no doubt, a move by Facebook to integrate users onto their platform. With the rising numbers of Facebook users, is this move a little skeezy?

The whole point of social media is to be social, right? To be social is to move from platform to platform. By pulling Instagram from the Twitter feed, Facebook is breaking the cardinal rule of social interaction and laying the brick work for a corporate takeover strategy. Facebook’s social media marketing is similar to that of the earlier industrial leaders like Carnegie and Rockefeller, cutting the competition at the knees.

Mashable reported in a blog post that,

Several months after Facebook acquired Instagram, the latter company disabled its integration with Twitter cards. The change resulted in users’ images being shown in a cropped format, the same treatment received by other images. Soon afterward, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom explained that decision while promising Instagram would “always be integrated with Twitter.”

So what should Twitter do to battle the mighty Z’s Facebook antics?

Create their own photo app.

I have proposed that Twitter utilize their “More” option with impressive extra features like calendars and birthday tweets – so why not a new photo app?

While we’re at it, let’s name it a cool bird theme like “Bird Watching” or “Chirp-shot” or even “Photo-Tweet.”

Facebook is playing dirty by taking Instagram from the Twitter community and if Twitter doesn’t up its game, they will have to explain in 140 characters or less why they are disappearing from the social media game.

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