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Making unselfish contributions during our lifetime is very rewarding.

Many of us don’t realize how easy it is to give back and here, find seven ways you can make a big difference.


Become a Big Sister

The Big Brothers and Big Sisters Organization is easy to join and it only requires time and interaction.

Think of the child without siblings or the shy girl who could use a personality boost. You could be the woman helping a child struggling with reading or a sports activity like swimming. Or, introduce them to the arts or science. Becoming a Big Sister is one of the most rewarding endeavors and produces life-long friendships.


Consider Being an Egg Donor

Some egg donation statistics show a 60 to 70 percent successful embryo transfer rate. If you have healthy eggs, think of the joy you could bring to an infertile couple.

Becoming an egg donor is easier than you think and there are many reputable egg banks to choose from. Giving the chance of pregnancy and a new life to another is one of the most unselfish things a woman can do in her lifetime.


Offer Support to Those with Mental Health Disorders

Of course it’s easy to donate money to a worthy cause but if you know of someone suffering from depression or another mental health disorder, don’t ignore the problem and instead, offer support.

This can be as easy as listening, taking a person suffering from an anxiety disorder who fears driving to the grocery store or to run errands.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one if four people suffer from some type of mental health disorder. Don’t allow those you know to suffer alone and help where you can.


Be a Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

The Habitat for Humanity nonprofit organization doesn’t just need volunteers in weather-distressed areas—they need volunteers all over the United States.

Consider volunteering and help build or rebuild something. The smile of a new homeowner far outweighs the time and effort you give.


Don’t Sell the Old, Give it Away

If your financial status allows, when it’s time to get rid of old baby clothes and furniture, sporting equipment and other household items, instead of holding a garage sale or selling the items online, give them away.

Visit and find a center in your area that will recycle those old items and give them to those in need.


Join a Nonprofit

Make a difference in your community by joining a nonprofit dedicated to helping abused women or children, feeding and housing the homeless or beautifying neighborhoods.

Volunteering within your community goes a long way and beyond the kudos you’ll receive, it will help you connect with neighbors and make new friends.


Become an Aid in a Children’s Hospital Ward

When children require long stays in the hospital, they are frightened and often their parents can’t be with them 24/7.

Your warm encouragement will make them feel more secure. Read to them or play favorite video games to put smiles on the faces of children who need them.

One of these seven ideas to give back will transform you. Through your efforts and care, the changes you can make in the lives of others will forever be remembered.

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