There are many new businesses that are making waves in financial technology to help ensure our lives are made easier. Here are 7 companies that are truly innovative in the way they do business.

1. Klarna
Klarna is a Swedish-based e-commerce company that offers businesses the ability to receive payments and consumers to buy items, via online storefronts. Klarna creates a trustful relationship by offering customers the option to pay for goods after they are delivered and also allows buyers to verify their identities using basic personal data. Again, this allows for a safe and trustworthy relationship to be built, which is the core of Klarna.

2. CoverHound
CoverHound provides consumers a new way to shop for car insurance by using a comparative shopping platform. CoverHounds platform offers consumers the ability to choose which car insurance best suits them through comparing instant, accurate and actionable rates from leading insurance carriers. Without selling consumers data, CoverHound uses relationships between insurance carriers and agencies to enhance users’ car insurance policies.

3. Giftly
Giftly enables consumers to conveniently use their debit or credit cards to send and receive thoughtful and personalized gifts to family and friends. It is a newer kind of gift card, by turning ordinary debit and credit cards into gift cards that allows recipients of a “Giftly” to choose where he/she will spend it. Those sending a Giftly can choose up to 3 businesses where it can be spent, a personalized photograph or note, the amount, and send it via email. The recipient can then easily make purchases from the businesses listed using a credit or debit card that has been registered or redeem the Giftly via computer or smartphone at giftly.com.

4. ZipZap
ZipZap is a global cash transactions network that allows merchants to offer customers the ability to buy products online using cash. ZipZap also enables consumers to pay bills and add money to prepaid cards or mobile accounts online, using their local currency. ZipZap has over 700,000 payment centers that permit cash-preferred consumers to conveniently purchase items online and make payments with cash in their very own neighborhood via a CashPayment center.

5. BillGuard
BillGuard is a free service that offers users a place to collectively post billing complaints online. It checks and monitors your bills for any bad charges that have occurred without your knowledge and sends you an alert when one happens. BillGuard uses the same security measures as your bank to ensure that your information and data is kept safe, private, and secure.

6. Dwolla
Dwolla is a new payment network that works with financial institutions to offer merchants, non-profits, and consumers a cheaper, safer, and better payment experience, both online and via mobile devices. Users can send friends money through social networks, purchase products with a mobile phone, etc., safely and securely. Dwolla is an e-commerce company that is only offered in the United States.

7. Virtual Piggy
Virtual Piggy creates a safe and secure shopping environment for merchants and parents to help teach children responsible spending. Virtual Piggy provides a tool that enables children, 18 years and younger, to make purchases online that are controlled, approved, and monitored by parents. Merchants can offer a parental control mechanism, through Virtual Piggy, on their websites that gives children the ability to purchase products online, which is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Written by Victoria Reynolds
Victoria Reynolds is an avid writer, who enjoys learning about electronics and technological advancements that make life easier.