This guest post covers privacy tips of those using Facebook. Timeline can be confusing at first but once you get used to it and have your settings in line, it can be awesome.

Activity Log

Activity log is a timeline displaying your old Facebook activities organized with date and year. The icon,of a globe, two heads or padlock, present on the right corner of every post indicates the privacy icon through which you can either set the privacy settings or change them. If you are an active Facebook user, changing the settings of all of your old posts one by one is a little drowsy work. The icon helps you there.

You can hide the post from timeline. You can change the settings of the pictures by switching from ‘public’ option to ‘custom’ or to ‘only me’ if it is really a weird picture of yours. Though, privacy settings will help you in deciding what you want to show your friends and which friends, in particular.

Single Action

Apart of the above option, if you are annoyed of selecting the settings manually then Facebook provides you with another option. Rather than clicking on every grey circle in the activity log, change the audience for past post settings. This setting will directly switch the settings for overall old posts banishing the all-time users to see any of your post or picture. You can actually limit the audience for your past posts. By limiting the users, you are now able to hide your profile from non-friends, allowing only your direct friends and other tagged users.

Timeline Review

You can’t resist being tagged by your friend or family, but what you can do is to change the settings of appearance of these pictures in your timeline so as to avoid being displayed in public. For the activation of this particular feature, activate the Facebook’s timeline review option in your settings. This feature allows the user to review the setting of any tagged picture before its being displayed on your timeline. It’s the same like profile review in the older layout of the Facebook.

Manage Open Graph

Open graph is a feature installed on Facebook by its team. The feature displays your recent activities like songs you are listening to, games you are playing or articles you are reading. All of these are reported in News feed, Facebook Ticker, and timeline displaying on the top of the page. Most users don’t like to show every activity they do on the news feed. The solution the Facebook team offers is the setting button which gives you the choice of activities that you want to be displayed on the news feed. You restrict potentially embarrassing or private activities from public view.

Avoid Posting Random Stories

Another aspect of privacy is limiting which friends can post on your wall. This will help you avoid getting unnecessary stories from the people you don’t want to. You can do this by managing the post control option in the privacy setting customizing it by mentioning the names you want excluded.

Profile Review

Once done with the settings, view your profile by clicking on the cog icon that is present underneath your cover photo click on “view as”. This will let you see how your profile is appearing to the public or in case you want to look out your profile appearance for some particular person for whom you have banned some of your profile things, simply write the name of that user and click enter. This will display the exact picture of profile for that user. The feature basically helps you to fill out the loop holes in case any exist in your privacy settings.

Written by Guest Post