Twitter Target

If you follow these five steps they will get you well on your way to achieving a successful Twitter Social Media campaign.

1. Set a target

A Social Media Campaign is no different to any form of Marketing and you must set an achievable target. It may be to gather 200 followers in your first month, or to achieve 150 retweets, RTs, from followers and other local businesses. Just because your company is not a multi-national conglomerate doesn’t mean you cannot set and measure your goals on Twitter.

2. Do your research

Research is equally important whether you are a Twitter newcomer or an experienced tweeter. Social Media is all about being social and the best way to get noticed is by having the social leaders in your area mention you. For example if you are a small restaurant you may want to think about contacting DJs from local radio stations and inviting them down for a meal on the house. It is likely that these local opinion leaders will have many followers and if the food is good you will almost certainly get a few mentions on their Twitter account and can begin to build up a good rapport with socially important people. Trying to get good mentions from local people with many followers is a great way to build up followers, who can potentially be customers.

3. We are all in this together

Don’t be afraid to Tweet other local businesses for fear of them stealing your followers and potential customers. To stay on the same example of a restaurant, how many people do you know who go out and eat at only one restaurant? Zero is my answer! So people are always going to eat at your restaurant one week and then your competitors the next. Mention your local competitors and hope for mentions in return. This will make you visible on the timelines of people who are not yet following you, again opening you up to more potential followers, and eventually customers. Getting mentioned is important, it gets you noticed.

4. Run twitter offers

Running a Twitter only offer is a great way to not only measure the effectiveness of your social media campaign but to get mentioned and acquire more followers, potentially leading to more customers. Sticking with the restaurant analogy, if you find Tuesdays are your quietest night then maybe offer half price food on Tuesday for all those followers that retweet a particular Tweet. If this works you will be getting increased footfall on your quiet periods and increased mentions on your Twitter feed; a win-win situation.

5. Interact with your followers

Social Media is all about interaction, if a customer comes along and has a good meal he or she is likely to tweet about it. Retweet these tweets as they are a great advertisement for your business. Unfortunately however not all your mentions are going to be complimentary, how you deal with these is equally as important as retweeting positive tweets. Again with the restaurant analogy, if somebody Tweets “Last nights steak @your-restaurant was pretty dreadful”, it may be worthwhile to reply inviting them back for a free steak and a drink on the house, promising to get it right this time. At the very least this will probably illicit a positive response from the customer which will be reflected on his Twitter.

Written by Guest Post