5 Toolkits That Help Pump Up Your Content Marketing Efforts

4 thoughts on “5 Toolkits That Help Pump Up Your Content Marketing Efforts”

  1. Beatriz Arantes says:

    Hi Tracy.
    Nice article. Just a little point, I don’t think that visua.ly, uberflip or issuu are for meme generation, for me they are more fancy visual content creation tools, at least as long as I tried them.

    I’d like to also point Groupiest.com as a content aggregator/curator tools for finding content to re-share and curate for business marketing proposals.

    Nice curation work for the post, btw. Just followed you on twitter.


  2. Tracy Vides says:

    Hi Beatriz,

    Thanks for your appreciation!

    About the visual tools, I meant it more as
    1. one of the ubiquitous meme generators
    2. Visual.ly (infographic tool)
    3. Issuu or
    4. UberFlip

    Didn’t realize the sentence wasn’t all that clear – maybe JD put too much faith in my writing 😉

    Haven’t checked out Groupiest, let me head over..


  3. Joyce Sarpong says:

    Great article Tracey. I create a digital magazine using Flipboard, called Africa News Magazine. I love the Flipboard App and have seen it develop a lot of new features for users during 2013. I have come across Issuu (which also enables users to create digital magazines) but I still want to stick with Flipboard. Could help me understand the main differences between the two with regards to: social interaction, user experiences (e.g. search/ indexing; content creation from social media, web, new /own articles; user interface / experience, etc)? Many thanks

  4. Tracy Vides says:

    Thanks for reaching out Joyce! You could stick to Flipboard while trying out Issuu, which is more of a wholesome publishing platform. I’m not expert enough to explain everything you ask :) but here’s a list of their features http://issuu.com/feature-index – hope that helps.

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