5_Smart_Ways_to_Stay_Organized_in_the_CloudCloud computing now enables us to lessen our worries about viruses and hardware malfunctions, regarding our documents, photos, and files. “The Cloud”, is like a super computer that moves us beyond our personal computers and into an easily accessible location to retrieve our photos, critical files, and email services from anywhere in the world.

Although this latest technological advancement removes the dependency we have become accustomed to with storing our information on the physical computer to what is known as “The Cloud”, it is easy to get lost within this new storage solution. Here are five smart ways to stay organized while using the Cloud.

1. Dropbox.comDropboxDropbox.com enables you to store and share folders, photos, videos and larger files without the hassle of having to covert the file, lose video/image quality or be limited to only sharing small file sizes, like email does. Dropbox help s you stay organized by storing all of your videos, images and docs in one place that are easily accessible to you and the public through file synchronization, a share of a folder and/or click of a link.

2. Attachments.meattachments.meAttachements.me allows you to easily search and find attachments within emails, either on their site or within Gmail. At times, searching for attachments can make a simple task hard to do, especially if there is a significant amount to search through, kind of like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Attachments.me keeps you organized by finding email attachments effortlessly.

3.  Instapaper.com Instapaper Instapaper is a really simple tool that allows you the ability to bookmark your favorite web pages and enables you to view them on the go from any device. Instapaper helps you stay organized when your schedule is hectic by allowing you to store web sites for later viewing when it’s more convenient for you.

4. Evernote.comevernoteEvernote.com provides you the ability to capture and save notes about ideas you have, things you hear or see, and of what interests you. Staying organized is easy for Evernote lets you search saved items by keywords, tags, and text and lets you view your saved items from multiple devices.

5. Allmyapps.comall_my_appsAllmyapps.com lets you save all of your apps in one place and sync them across all your devices. Keeping track of what applications you have downloaded, discovering new apps, and in accessing them from your PC to your iPad, makes Allmyapps.com help you stay organized.

There are many things in life that can cause disorganization, but technology doesn’t have to be one of them. Make using the Cloud a way to manage your time as well as your images, attachments, applications, videos, folders, notes and files, basically everything, but the kitchen sink.

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Written by Victoria Reynolds
Victoria Reynolds is an avid writer, who enjoys learning about electronics and technological advancements that make life easier.