5-Minutes with Your Startup: AnybodyOutThere.com

It’s a question that people often ask when they’re alone, bored, concerned, or simply wanting to talk to someone for random reasons. “Anybody out there?”

This startup called AnybodyOutThere tries to help people who are asking the question by putting them in Instant Messaging conversations with people who may share their interests or concerns at the moment. With promised integration into several IM platforms, there is a certain sense of controlled chaos that surrounds the service.

I spent about 30 minutes exploring, but here’s the 5 minute version:

A nice feature not shown in the video is the ability to rate people after the conversation. This should help to cut down on trolls.

Overall, this seems like a startup with sellability. Assuming it can integrate with any of the bigger companies who see a competitive advantage in connecting strangers and making introductions based upon interests, this can turn into a strong app or add-on to several platforms, Facebook in particular.

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  2. It’s cool that someone thought of this question and created a site around it. I hope that it won’t turn out to be another site targeted by human trafficking, porn, adult dating and the likes. I hope they can filter the noise, but hey… anything goes in that site, right? As the question goes: ” Anybody out there? ” This is my first time to learn about the site so thanks for sharing it here.