Finding free online educational courses for game design and development can be difficult to do, especially with the vast array of sites that appear within the results of a simple Google search. Difficulty lies in not knowing where or how to begin and in which sites are most useful when wanting to embark into this new industry.

It’s “game over” for your online search, for we have narrowed down the results by listing 5 cool and totally free online game design and development courses.

1. MIT OpenCourseWare
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a number of free game development and computer science courses through the school’s OpenCourseWare project. All courses are downloadable and include lecture notes, problem sets and similar materials.

2. Course Hero
Course Hero offers a wide variety of free online game development courses, which include free video lectures that are a collection from the world’s best leaders. Courses range from Game Theory to Introduction to Computer Science I and members can search through the courses by university and/or educator. Course Hero also provides online study documents, flashcards and tutors for optimal learning.

3. YoYo Games
YoYo Games doesn’t offer a traditional game design and development course, but they do have a free downloadable game maker that lets you create your own video games. You’ll also find zip file tutorials that will teach you how to design your own first person shooter games, maze games, 3-dimensional games, platform games and scrolling shooter games.

4. Tufts University Experimental College
Materials from a recent Tufts University Experimental College game development course can be accessed for free online, via the course website. Lectures, assignments, examples and resources are easy to view and include all of the information you need to get hands-on experience in computer game development.

5. Alan Emrich’s Principles of Game Design
Alan Emrich has taught game design at the University of California at Irvine, The Art Institute of California and Stanford University. You can now view materials from his Principles of Game Design course online, including the syllabus, homework assignments and reading assignments. Rather than video games, this course focuses on the development and design of board games and card games.

Written by Victoria Reynolds
Victoria Reynolds is an avid writer, who enjoys learning about electronics and technological advancements that make life easier.