Everyone knows that our world is becoming more and more digital each day. As media moves from print to digital, businesses don’t want to be left behind. Making the switch from physical advertising to digital and integrating social media platforms to a marketing plan can save a business tons of money and bring in tons of new customers.

Email marketing platforms allow a company, individual, or non-profit to get information out to their audience in a neat and simple way. Email marketing can be as simple as imputing email addresses into a database (or having people sign up for the email list), compiling a message from a template, and watching its success with graphs and data based on how the emails are received.

The Benefits of Using Email Marketing Tools

Getting a company’s message out to an audience can be almost instantaneous on a digital platform. As far as designing an ad, businesses have more choices with images and type, and making edits doesn’t require wasting resources.

Most email marketing services are easy to use and track, no matter what level of experience someone has. Finding the right service for a business or individual can be tricky, since there are so many out there, but with customer reviews and by looking at how some services compare to others, it should be easy for any business to find the provider that’s right for them.

Finding the Best Email Marketing Services

An email campaign should be easy to interpret, maintain, and grow. Marketing services often provide tools for the user to track how their emails are being received: if they’re being opened, deleted without being read, or being sent straight to spam. They can see how often links are clicked through their emails or how often the emails get forwarded. These tools should help users improve their emails and target their audience in a more effective way.

Other core features that can be expected are a range of customizable HTML templates for creating effective emails, subscriber management, and tools to keep emails from being forwarded to spam boxes.

Five of the best email marketing services include:

?      MailChimp

?      Campaign Monitor

?      EmailBrain

?      Benchmark Email

?      Boomerang

These services have been ranked as some of the highest quality email marketing systems available today by many sources, and have the positive customer reviews to support it. When choosing a marketing service, businesses should check that the provider offers helpful customer support and information available like FAQs and tutorials that will help them get started.

It’s time for businesses to captivate an audience and get their message out digitally where customers will see it. There are many high quality and affordable services out there to help businesses keep communication open with their customers and get information out in an appealing and effective way.


Written by Drew Hendricks