Looking to make a little extra cash? Love nothing more than to follow all your favorites sports teams? Sports wagering is becoming more popular than ever, and many people are turning to their smart phones, tablets and computers to make the process of placing bets simple and streamlined. Today, there are numerous apps available for online sports betting. Here are five of the best:

  1. Odds Insider: Available for the iPhone and the iPad, the Odds Insider app follows the latest lines from sports books across the county. It also helps sports betters refine their strategy from the convenience of their phone or tablet.
  2. SideBets: This clever app allows users to skirt around legal issues regarding sports betting by placing bets with fake money. The app also makes strategic picks which help users decide how to wager their online “wads” of money.
  3. Favourit: This free Australia-based app is active for global users. This app also allows the opportunity to wager virtual currency. It encourages a social aspect of wagering – according to Forbes, the creators’ goal is to make Favourit the Facebook of the sports betting world, giving users the opportunity to display their knowledge and track tips in real time.
  4. Bovada Sportsbook: This app is great for iPhone users. It makes betting simpler than ever – all you’ll see if the sport, the odds and the betting options. This is a great app for beginners who aren’t necessarily prepared to analyze statistics and tips yet. You can also bet on sports that are more popular outside of the U.S., such as rugby and cricket.
  5. Bet Bud: This is a sports betting app that’s designed for use on an Android phone. With Bet Bed, you’ll get all the statistics you need updated every minute, giving you the most accurate information for placing your bets. The game tracker is even faster than those offered by ESPN and CBS. You can also create your own sports betting leagues with your friends. It’s also great for tracking your betting history – you can export all your picks to a Google Doc spreadsheet or post it to Twitter.

Remember that, regardless of which app you use, it takes a little know-how and insight to really be successful with sports betting. Make sure you pay attention to detail by following the latest in sports betting and online wagering. This will help you to make the smartest picks and win more money when you wager on sporting events.

Written by Drew Hendricks