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Facebook is currently one of the most popular internet mediums for socializing. In fact, it is well considered as the largest social media networking website in the entire world.

So, you’d probably think that because Facebook is exactly a website for socializing, it does not need other alternative mediums for communication right? Well, sorry but you are absolutely wrong, because Facebook has many other apps that could even enhance your social experience in it.

Here are 5 of the more basic applications for you to start with:

On Conference

If utmost simplicity is your priority for a Facebook chat app, then On Conference is the perfect app for you. This Facebook chat application is almost devoid of any kind of tweak, option or feature that could possibly confuse or disorient you in using it. There are no menus, no fancy design elements, and not even a single interactive menu in sight. In fact, it is very simple, that it only provides you with a unique URL where you and your conference buddies could start a text, audio or video conversation together.


If you want a slightly more exciting experience talking with people on Facebook, then you might as well check out 360Mate. It is a peer-to-peer text audio/video chat application that lets you talk to people randomly or to your friends. The efficiency and convenience of the app is in its very simple engine, presenting a very easy to understand app environment that almost anyone can use. You can use the option to talk publicly or privately simultaneously, and you can even tweak the private video options even when talking to a complete stranger.

Friend Cameo

Okay, so talking with strangers might be exciting, but there are some times where you just want to talk to your closest buddies. For these situations, you may want to use the Friend Cameo app. It is a bit like the On Conference app in terms of simplicity, but it is laden with many basic features that can help enhance your chatting experience with your friends. There one very little downside to this app though, and that is the nag screen that would always occasionally ask you for a rating of the app.

Vawkr Video Chat

Vawkr Video Chat might not have the same creative gimmicks as other Facebook chat apps, but it is capable of bringing out a professionalized system and interface to make those chats look more official. It is practically designed to remove the need to sign up or install dedicated software programs. Its “simplicity” feature is its capability to create chat rooms easily and almost instantaneously, while its “complexity” feature allows you store and share media data, leave and send video or audio messages for people even when they are offline.


Probably one of the simplest yet most notable Facebook chat apps, Rounds takes your Facebook communication to a whole new level by simulating a two-way environment. The interface is exactly made to help you feel that you just in the same room as the one you are talking to. Chatting is mostly live, using your voice and video feed, in a speed that is just like how you are supposed to talk with someone in a video-enabled VoIP software or application. The familiar interface and easy controls even adds to the flexibility of this app.

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