I hope it won’t disappoint my readers to discover that this article addresses the social media potential of Tesla Motors, not the 19th century inventor. It has, however, dawned on me just how enticing an imaginary Twitter battle between Nikola and Tommy Edison would be, so stay tuned. For now, we must consider how the hottest vehicle on the planet could elevate its brand to even greater heights.

By most market indications, Tesla Motors and its line of pure electric vehicles is among the most progressive auto manufacturers in the world. Its stock spiked 14 percent last weak to breach $100 for the first time. Both Motor Trend and Automobile magazines named the newly launched S Sedan Car of the Year for 2013.

Reservations are still required to purchase the crazy cool vehicle, and Tesla now refuses to disclose hard numbers about demand. It explained that demand is “no longer a meaningful metric.”

The company’s stock climbed 25 percent after that statement on May 8. Yeah, Telsa is that cool.

The overlaps between social media users and prospective Tesla drivers are evident. Hollywood’s lust for green initiatives is only rivaled by its Twitter obsession. LinkedIn profiles have become as valuable to business people as stock quotes and tie clips. It’s only fitting to pair the car of the future with the prime communication vehicles of our time. Here’s how Tesla can become the first-ever social media car.

  1. Sync Twitter and Facebook FeedsThe Tesla S makes good use of its mammoth 17” screen, but there’s plenty of leftover real estate to display live feeds continually. Automating the vehicle to vocally read back incoming messaging would keep one’s eyes on the road and ear to the social grindstone.
  2. Auto Check-InsUsing location services on Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can actually be more tedious and error-prone than convenient, and cars should really start to pull their weight on these tasks. Prompting the driver to digitally check in each time a Tesla is placed in park would best utilize the vehicle’s GPS.
  3. Share Spotify PlaylistsI can’t name many cars that don’t offer CD players at all, and Internet radio is Tesla’s prime medium of entertainment. If we could have inter-vehicular Spotify sharing, we’d also get an insightful glimpse into the speeds at which our friends are driving (my I-495 playlist would be flooded with Muse and Metallica jams). So while I’m be cruising, my friend might be speeding as he blasts Swedish House Mafia.
  4. Share Rear-View Camera PhotosIncorporating software that captures and shares images from vehicles’ rear-view cameras could plausibly become the next photo sensation. #backitup.

The possibilities for Telsa are endless, and any auto-aware Internet marketing company would be drooling at the chance to market these cars to the global community while optimizing social media integration. After all, what’s the use of a car that can’t vocally update my Facebook status?

In its embrace of social media compatibilities, Tesla the car could take many cues from Tesla the man. The latter did not invent electricity, but is credited for harnessing and reapplying its capabilities in the form of his alternating current system. Facebook and Twitter encourage firms of similar ingenuity and imagination to utilize their products. I’m not suggesting a Google Glass windshield just yet, but the opportunity is ripe for Tesla Motors to introduce social media to the automotive world.

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