4 Steps to Ask Friends to Take so you can Stay Private on Facebook


You may have your settings set to private but that does not mean your likes, comments or shares remain that way once you take action on another person’s Facebook profile or shared content. Facebook has made it this way and you are not able to change it unless you specifically ask friends to change the setting located under the settings area when someone hovers over your profile picture within a newsfeed.

Here are the 4 steps needed for your friends to help protect your privacy when liking their content on Facebook.

1. Hover over profile picture in newsfeed without clicking

2. Without clicking hover over “Friends”

3. Click on “Settings”

4. Unclick “Likes and Comments”

Once this is completed your activity will no longer show publicly on their profile helping you stay a little more in control of who sees what you are doing on Facebook in the fight for your right to privacy.

[Note: Facebook has made it so we cannot screenshot the steps]


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  1. Solid tips for those extra concerned about the whole privacy issues surrounding Facebook! Also… I was wondering if print screen [keyboard key] does not work for you on Facebook screens. It works just fine for me…

  2. Typical of Facebook that you actually have to rely on *other* people’s settings in order to be completely private.

    Privacy is the one element of Facebook that really annoys me. I’m reluctant to put much on there because in the past, they have simply changed the way their privacy settings work, leaving my private stuff visible to all my contacts, and possibly, Facebook’s entire network of users.

    I wasn’t impressed, and ever since, I’ve had a very different attitude to how I use Facebook for personal reasons.

    This is helpful advice but then, even if you did get all your friends to change their settings (which would be tricky to say the least, particularly if they don’t share the same hesitations as you towards Facebook and privacy), what happens when Facebook changes their interface yet again? Back to square one we go….